Broward County WellBeing Program Engagement Incentive

The Engagement Incentive is provided for an activity employees and their spouse or domestic partner on the High Deductible Insurance Plan (HDHP) must complete each year.

Engagement Incentive
​​​​​​In recognition of the importance of annual preventive screenings, the County has continued the Engagement Incentive. Funding of the HSA (or HRA as applicable) for the HDHP plan will be based on electronic files received from UnitedHealthcare (UHC). Enrolled members will no longer need to complete an Engagement Incentive form​. The carrier will provide a file with a Yes flag indicating you have completed one of the options in the previous year. As claims can take up to 45 days to be processed, it is recommended that you complete your incentive as early as possible to avoid a delay in receiving your funding. 

Newly benefit-eligible employees with benefits effective January 1, or later, will automatically receive funding for the current year; however, will still have to complete one of the options during the next year to receive funding for the following year. The Engagement Incentive requires completion of any one of the following wellbeing events that are coded as preventive by your provider: 

  • Annual preventive physical
  • Annual Well-woman exam
  • Preventive Mammogram for women
  • Preventive Colonoscopy for those over 50
  • Biometric Screening with RALLY Health Survey 
When completing bloodwork for your annual physical, you must have your doctor complete the QUEST form and upload OR fax it to the number on the form to receive RALLY credit. Biometric screens are only credited once per year. You cannot enter the data, the form must be uploaded or faxed. Get the form and instructions using the Quest Link above.
Please contact Benefits for any of the below situations:
  • New enrollees in the HDHP for the new year will be funded for the first year. Please be sure to do your Engagement Incentive during the year for it to count the next year.
  • New employees are exempt during their first year from completing the Engagement Incentive to receive their prorated funding for that first year. HOWEVER, you must do the activity to receive the funding for the next year.
​Biometric screening (fingerstick screen) AND completion of the Rally Health Survey can be used as a simple completion of the Engagement Incentive and can be done at ANY Health Fairs during the year OR at Open Enrollment Vendor Fairs or the biometric screen can be completed by selecting the QUEST LAB Biometric Screen link​, entering the registration code - Broward2023 IF you have never registered ​- and using either option on the site. The first time you register on their site, you will need to enter the registration key: Broward2023 
Options are scheduling an appointment at a Quest Diagnostic Lab or Printing the prepopulated Physician/Provider Form and taking it to any UHC in-network provider. 
Please Note: This form has Quests' Logo on it, however, you can take this form to any in-network UHC provider that does biometric screens, i.e. CVS Minute Clinic, your doctor's office, etc. Your provider may perform other needed medical care that is not part of the biometric screen in which you may be billed. 
​​Do NOT go to Walgreens as they no longer do biometrics.

This biometric screen is at no cost to enrolled-employees and their enrolled spouses/domestic partners providing you use the Quest Physician form or make the appointment on the Quest site.​
The Rally Health Survey is located at on the RALLY platform or on the Rally App. This must also be completed as part of your Engagement Incentive. Once both items have been completed, you will be funded upon receipt of the Yes file from the carrier which usually is 45 days from the claim being filed. The sooner you complete the requirement, the quicker you will be funded.