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Open Enrollment

Community CarePlan is a Select Local Narrow Network provider offering concierge service with local providers and through 4 local hospitals.

CCP CDH Select Network
Health and Pharmacy
Health Plan
CCP CDH Select Network is a narrow network plan that requires all services must be obtained by providers, facilities and hospitals within the following four hospital groups:
  • Memorial Healthcare System 
  • North Broward Hospital Group
  • Holy Cross
  • Cleveland Clinic Florida-Weston
Members will receive one-on-one member support through CCP’s personalized Concierge Care Coordination (C3) program which helps members receive quality care at the right time and in the right place.

New for 2020
Bariatric Program – implementation of a full bariatric program through UHC and CCP. If approved for surgery, a separate $4,500 deductible applies.
Highlights of CDH Plan

  • Preventive services, when billed by Provider as Preventive, covered 100% in-network.
  • Some services received for a copay (Primary, Specialist, Urgent Care, Emergency Room).
  • Some services subject to the annual deductible/co-insurance (Outpatient or inpatient services/ procedures). 
  • Behavioral health/Substance Abuse out-patient services first 20 visits covered at no cost, then $25 copay.
  • Diagnostic tests at a participating freestanding facility capped at $100 per test.
  • Annual basic eye exam at no cost at a participating optometrist.
  • Discount dental plan included at participating dental providers. 
  • NO OUT OF NETWORK COVERAGE (you are covered when traveling for a true medical emergency).
Exclusions and Limitations

All health plans have specific Exclusions and Limitations.

​​​The CCP Select Network Plan  chart below is summary of coverage, for more details go to


​​BENEFIT ​CCP CDH Select Network
Annual Deductible*​ ​$1,300 Single, $2,600 Dependents 
(Does not include Rx)
​Annual Coinsurance @ 20%* ​$1,500 Single, $3,000 Dependents
​Annual Max Out of Pocket* ​$2,800 Single, $5,600 Dependents
​Preventive Care ​No Cost when billed as Preventive Care 
by Provider
​Primary Care Doctor ​$25 copay
​Specialist​ ​$50 copay
​Lab Work ​No cost at Lab Corp or Quest
​Virtual Visits (Telehealth) ​$40 copay
​Urgent Care (CCP Network) ​$50 copay
​Emergency Room ​$250 copay
​MRI/Nuclear Medicine ​20% up to a $100 max, at 
Freestanding Facility​
​Behavioral Health/Substance 
Abuse Out Patient visits
​No cost for first 20 visits, $25 copay 
per visit thereafter. Requires a referral prior to 1st visit
​All other medical services ​Subject to Annual Deductible and 
20% Coinsurance
​Rx copays (EnvisionRx)​ ​Generic:  $7.00-30-day / $14.00-90-day
Preferred: $25.00-30-day / $50.00-90-day
Non-Preferred: $45.00-30-day / $90.00-90-day
Specialty: $75.00 30-day Only
​Plan includes the following benefits:​ ​Basic annual eye exam
Discount Dental Plan​
​*Does not include pharmacy copays

Contact Info:

​​Member Services 866-224-5701

​Pharmacy Southern Scripts 

Pharmacy Benefits - CDH 2018
Your pharmacy benefits with CCP are provided by Southern Scripts. Some of the plan features include:

  • an open formulary with five tiers of coverage at affordable copays,
  • a large network of participating pharmacies, 
  • a 90-day mandatory maintenance medication program (excludes specialty).

Consumer-Driven Health (CDH) Plans - Rx Co-Pay Rates

​Tiers ​30 Day Supply* ​90 Day Supply
Maintenance Medication
Generic​ ​$7 ​$14
Bra​nd-Preferred ​$30
Non-Preferred ​$45 ​$90
Specialty Pharmacy​
​30 Day Supply Only
Dispense-as-Written (DAW1)​ & Excluded Drug ("Tried & Failed") ​$75 ​$150
 *Pharmacy can only fill a 30-day supply for maintenance medication 3 times before requiring a 90-day refill.