UHC PPO Dental

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) is the vendor for the PPO Dental Plan.


​The Dental PPO Plan is offered by UnitedHealthcare (UHC) and has an extensive dental network with numerous dentists and specialists.

Benefits include:
  • Large network in Florida and nationally
  • 3rd regular cleaning at no cost
  • Max Builder Program
  • No waiting periods for major services and orthodontia
  • On-site Healthcare Advocates
  • In- or out-of-network coverage
  • Maximum annual benefit of $1,500 per person in-network, $1,000 per person out-of-network
  • Orthodontia coverage for children only (must be banded by 17th birthday)
  • Coverage for implants
  • Some exclusions and limitations 

The annual maximum benefit is: $1,500 per person in-network and $1,000 per person out-of-network. Once the annual maximum has been reached, you will receive 30% coinsurance on preventive, basic, and major services for the rest of the plan year (implants and orthodontia excluded).

  • Dental Plans Booklet​
2021 PPO Plan Rates
Deductions for Domestic Partner and/or Over-Age Dependent (Child age 26-29 on 01/01/19) coverage will be split between Pre- and After-Tax deductions.
​Employee ​​$15.22​

​​Emp+Spouse/DP ​$30.21
​​Emp+Child ​​$35.43
​​Emp+Family ​$50.42

Locate a Provider?
Members can use MyUHC.com
Network Name: National Options PPO 20
Contact Information
Dental Member Services, 
Visit MyUHC.com or call the number on the back of your ID card.
On-site Health Care Advocates
Danila Montgomery at 954-357-7191 
Marc Dormeus at 954-357-7192

For the Certificate of Coverage and plan details, please visit: 
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