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The vision insurance is a pre-tax plan. Elections are irrevocable for the remainder of the plan year and cannot be changed unless the change is due a relevant qualifying event.

Vision Plan
​​​Vision Plan
The County offers a comprehensive vision plan under UnitedHealthcare.
The vision plan does not require you to select a primary care doctor or facility. You have the option of using preferred doctors in the network who have agreed to accept negotiated set fees or you can use any doctor of your choice and receive the benefit reimbursement per the out-of-network plan specifications. The plan features:

  • Freedom to choose any doctor
  • Extra savings when you use a participating provider
  • Large panel of providers to choose from
2021 Vision Plan Rates
(Deductions for domestic partner and/or children age 26-30 coverage will be split between pre- and after- tax deductions)
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Member Services855-819-0928
Provider Locator: 800-839-3242
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