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BHC Member Feature
W. Ajibola

BHC Category:
Broward League
of Cities -
City Manager of a
City with Less
than 50,000
​Occupation: City Manager, City of West Park
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Broward County City Manager's Association
  • Florida City and County Management Association
  • International City Management Association
  • American Society of Civil Engineers

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
To work with the Council in addressing the preservation of housing stock through rehabilitation of existing affordable housing inventory; to explore and assist with establishing/ strengthening foreclosure prevention through counseling workshops, banking assistance, home-buyer education courses, HUD assistance and other initiatives; to address homelessness; and to explore and establish incentives for the development of affordable homes and rental housing using resources such as Opportunity Zones. 

BHC Category:
School Board of
Broward County
​Occupation: Chair, School Board of Broward County
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Board Member, United Way Commission on Behavioral Health and Drug Prevention
  • Board Member, Museum of Discovery and Science
  • Member, Broward Cultural Council

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
As a member of the School Board of Broward County I have the opportunity to serve as the School Board's appointee to the Broward Housing Council.  I am a lifelong resident of Broward County and I have great interest in ensuring our community addresses both the issue of homelessness and affordable housing. As an educator I have seen firsthand the effects of housing instability on children, and I want to ensure that I am part of the conversation.  My grandmother had a great passion for serving the homeless, as a tireless volunteer and charitable giver, and I like to think that in a small way I honor her legacy by serving.

BHC Category:
Broward County
Housing Authority
​Occupation: CEO, Broward Count Housing Authority
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Florida Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials - Board of Directors
  • Public Housing Authorities Directors Association
  • Housing and Development Law Institute
  • CareerSource One Stop Services Committee
  • Fort Lauderdale Alliance Partner Council

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
As the CEO of the Broward County Housing Authority, I have the opportunity to serve as the Board’s appointee to the Housing Council.  The Housing Authority serves as a principal provider of affordable housing to the Broward community. I have been involved in housing issues my whole career. Serving on the Housing Council is an opportunity to work with Housing Council members representing various interests in the community on the serious issues Broward County faces regarding the lack of affordable housing, homelessness, and the preservation of affordable housing.  Affordable housing is an integral link in maintaining vital communities.  Without housing options for a portion of the population, the health and economy of the entire community diminishes. 
Frances M. 

BHC Category:
Chief Executive
of a recongized, 
homeless organization
​Occupation: CEO, Broward Partnership
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Florida Supportive Housing Coalition - Board of Directors
  • National Alliance to End Homelessness
  • Broward Workshop - Urban Core Committee
  • Non-Profit Executive Alliance of Broward County - Vice-Chair

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
The BHC fulfills a commitment to a mission and vision for the less fortunate of Broward County.  It is a privilege to be the voice filling a seat designated as a representative of a recognized non-profit agency serving a special needs population - the homeless.  As operator of Broward County's Central Homelessness Assistance Center (Ft. Lauderdale) and North Homeless Assistance Center (Pompano Beach), the Broward Partnership (BP) provides short term housing, health care, job training and education to over 500 men, women and children every day.  BP also operates multiple permanent supportive and rapid rehousing programs throughout Broward County and looks forward to breaking ground on its first 72-unit mixed-use residential housing community designed for those citizens at or below 60% of the area's median income.  
Housing alone does not end homelessness.  Housing combined with the community's array of support services (health care, education, transportation, job training) ends it.  Lack of affordable housing for the homeless and workforce populations is now a national topic of community crisis.  In service as an advisory group to the Broward County Commission, the Council deftly crafts its work, research and advocacy in support of the development of affordable housing.  I value the opportunity to work with a membership that reflects the municipalities, business owners, government officials, and non-profit organizations that are all mutually committed to the end goal of providing high quality affordable housing.  Hence, building a stronger community for all.
Caryl M. Hattan

BHC Category:
Community Representative
​Occupation: Councilmember, Town of Davie; retired educator
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Broward County Homeless Continuum of Care 
  • Board – Past Chair
  • Broward Cultural Council
  • Davie Women’s Club – Treasurer
  • James Junior Fund – Board Member

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
I was appointed to the Broward Housing Council and subsequently to the Broward Continuum of Care Board. I was very interested in the areas of affordable housing and homelessness. At the time, I was dealing with a homeless family with a student, who were living on the streets and in their car.