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BHC Member Feature
W. Ajibola

BHC Category:
Broward League
of Cities -
City Manager of a
City with Less
than 50,000
Occupation: City Manager, City of West Park
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Broward County City Manager's Association
  • Florida City and County Management Association
  • International City Management Association
  • American Society of Civil Engineers

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
To work with the Council in addressing the preservation of housing stock through rehabilitation of existing affordable housing inventory; to explore and assist with establishing/ strengthening foreclosure prevention through counseling workshops, banking assistance, home-buyer education courses, HUD assistance and other initiatives; to address homelessness; and to explore and establish incentives for the development of affordable homes and rental housing using resources such as
Opportunity Zones. 

BHC Category:
The Realtors® Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale
Occupation: Broker/Associate RE/MAX Preferred Fort Lauderdale
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Broward Housing Council
  • Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtor Charitable Foundation
  • Beaches MLS ~ Broward, Palm Beaches & St. Lucie Realtors® 
  • Florida Realtors ~ Board of Directors

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
I am humbled and grateful to be an appointed member of our Broward Housing Council.  
Homelessness and housing for lower income families has always been a subject near and dear to my heart.  
As a Realtor, I have always done my best to educate my Friends, Neighbor's, Seller's, Buyer's and anyone else who will listen, as to the situations our Homeless are facing. Among other things, I always suggest donating anything and everything at all possible.. Clothes, household items, linens, furnishings, yard equipment, etc.  There is always someone who is grateful to have that and that little donation may just really change that persons life in a very special way.  I try to do this every day.  I do my best to make a difference.  
As a Trustee with the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtor Charitable Foundation I have learned so much about the daily struggles of so many in our community who have absolutely no where to turn for assistance. These struggles are real and in each one of our communities.  I feel that I have to be part of the solution and find way to involve each person in our community.  
I have always been eager to learn how to motivate, educate and excite people about banding together to make our communities better.  I am blessed to be learning of avenues and possibilities that our low income & homeless population may employ & utilize, enhancing their lives and the lives of their families and neighbors.  Sharing the information to help more and more. 
As a Member of our Broward Housing Council I promise to do what I can to help raise the quality of life for our lower income folks and the homeless.  Certainly, we are all committed to make our beautiful Broward County all it can be!  
So grateful for the opportunity to serve!
Personal thoughts:
It has been a blessing to watch and learn from the Council Meetings. I thank you for including me and look forward to working together toward our common goals! 

BHC Category:
Broward County
Housing Authority
Occupation: CEO, Broward Count Housing Authority
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Florida Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials - Board of Directors
  • Public Housing Authorities Directors Association
  • Housing and Development Law Institute
  • CareerSource One Stop Services Committee
  • Fort Lauderdale Alliance Partner Council

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
As the CEO of the Broward County Housing Authority, I have the opportunity to serve as the Board’s appointee to the Housing Council.  The Housing Authority serves as a principal provider of affordable housing to the Broward community. I have been involved in housing issues my whole career. Serving on the Housing Council is an opportunity to work with Housing Council members representing various interests in the community on the serious issues Broward County faces regarding the lack of affordable housing, homelessness, and the preservation of affordable housing.  Affordable housing is an integral link in maintaining vital communities.  Without housing options for a portion of the population, the health and economy of the entire community diminishes. 
Frances M. 

BHC Category:
Chief Executive
of a recognized, 
homeless organization
Occupation: CEO, Broward Partnership
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Florida Supportive Housing Coalition - Board of Directors
  • National Alliance to End Homelessness
  • Broward Workshop - Urban Core Committee
  • Non-Profit Executive Alliance of Broward County - Vice-Chair

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
The BHC fulfills a commitment to a mission and vision for the less fortunate of Broward County.  It is a privilege to be the voice filling a seat designated as a representative of a recognized non-profit agency serving a special needs population - the homeless.  As operator of Broward County's Central Homelessness Assistance Center (Ft. Lauderdale) and North Homeless Assistance Center (Pompano Beach), the Broward Partnership (BP) provides short term housing, health care, job training and education to over 500 men, women and children every day.  BP also operates multiple permanent supportive and rapid rehousing programs throughout Broward County and looks forward to breaking ground on its first 72-unit mixed-use residential housing community designed for those citizens at or below 60% of the area's median income.  
Housing alone does not end homelessness.  Housing combined with the community's array of support services (health care, education, transportation, job training) ends it.  Lack of affordable housing for the homeless and workforce populations is now a national topic of community crisis.  In service as an advisory group to the Broward County Commission, the Council deftly crafts its work, research and advocacy in support of the development of affordable housing.  I value the opportunity to work with a membership that reflects the municipalities, business owners, government officials, and non-profit organizations that are all mutually committed to the end goal of providing high quality affordable housing.  Hence, building a stronger community for all.
Caryl M. Hattan

BHC Category:
Community Representative
Occupation: Councilmember, Town of Davie; retired educator
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Broward County Homeless Continuum of Care 
  • Board – Past Chair
  • Broward Cultural Council
  • Davie Women’s Club – Treasurer
  • James Junior Fund – Board Member

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
I was appointed to the Broward Housing Council and subsequently to the Broward Continuum of Care Board. I was very interested in the areas of affordable housing and homelessness. At the time, I was dealing with a homeless family with a student, who were living on the streets and in their car. 
Christopher Krzemien

BHC Category:
Owner of a business that employs at least 50 employees
Occupation: Real Estate Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Experience
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Broward, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Realtors - 2020 Corporate Director
  • Florida Realtors - Board of Directors
  • National Association of Realtors - Board of Directors

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
I have always had a passion for community service.  Attending Great American Realtor Days in Tallahassee with Florida Realtors opened my eyes to how much influence we can have as a collective body.  We lobby the Hill each year to push for full funding of the Housing Trust Fund and I've seen the difference we can make when our voice is truly heard.  With Broward County topping national lists of those affected by a lack of affordable workforce housing, I wanted to ensure the residents of my County were heard just as loud.  I learned of the BHC at a Mayors Breakfast.  I immediately did my research and reached out to Mayor Dale Holness to inform him of my interest in serving the community.  It was one of the most fulfilling calls of my career.  Knowing I can truly make a difference in someone’s life fills my heart with joy.  We have a long road ahead of us in terms of affordable housing reform statewide and here in our local community.  I hope to take on as many miles of that road as I can to leave the journey for those who come after me as short as possible.
​Gino Moro

BHC Category:
Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers
Occupation: Managing Partner, Southland Mortgage, Inc.
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals - President
  • National Association of Mortgage Professionals - Delegate Council Member; Bylaws Committee Member

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
I believe in the financial empowerment and stability that results from homeownership. I also hope to see the possibility of it becoming more accessible to everyone.  Having spent much of my career advocating for Seniors and low-income families, I do have a unique point of view that I hoped to be able to share as a member the Broward Housing Council. Mortgages can be intimidating. Whether using a Conventional, VA, FHA, or a Reverse Mortgage loan as a tool to achieve homeownership is not as important as the knowledge that these programs exist. When topics such as affordability and low-income housing are discussed, all types of financing should be considered as solutions. I only represent a portion of the Mortgage industry, but it is my goal and hope that offering my experience in combination with the wealth of knowledge available in our other Council Members, we will find solutions to help more people become homeowners.
Ann Murray

BHC Category:
Broward County
School Board
Occupation: Broward County School Board Member, District 1
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Broward County Coordinating Board of Transportation Disadvantaged Services
  • Broward County Performing Arts Center Authority
  • Broward Education Foundation
  • Council of Great City Schools
  • Florida School Boards Association, Inc. (FSBA)
  • Greater Florida Consortium of School Boards
  • National School Boards Association (NSBA)

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
To be knowledgeable about new developments and the moderate housing needs of the community
To gain a greater awareness of how cities are meeting the requirements of moderate to low income family housing needs
How County Commission decisions impact housing throughout Broward County 
Improve my knowledge of the school boundary changes to meet the growing population in various areas​​.
Nathan Perlmutter

BHC Category:
Builders Association
of South Florida
Occupation: VP, Senior Commercial Real Estate Lender, TD Bank
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Urban Land Institute (ULI), Multifamily Development Council, Board Member

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
Having been involved in the real estate industry for 16 years​ I have come to learn the importance of affordable housing.  Not only does it improve the economic health of a community, but studies have also shown it promotes the well-being of families by reducing stress, improving mental health and helps children benefit from better nutrition.  It is also the most cost-effective way of lifting people out of poverty.  That is why I am honored to serve as a member on the Broward Housing Council, where I can give my industry expertise to serve the community I live in.
​​ Marcia Barry-Smith

BHC Category: Community Representative
Occupation: Director of Government Relation, Policy and Advocacy, Habitat for Humanity of Broward County
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Crisis Housing Solutions, Advisory Board Member
  • Women in Distress, Board Member Emeritus
  • Habitat for Humanity Policy & Advocacy Professionals Group, Member
  • Lauderhill Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, Chair
  • CRA Advisory Board - Valley Bank, Member

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
Affordable Housing, Homelessness, Domestic Violence and Aging out of Foster Care have been prime areas of concern for me for several years. My appointment to the Broward Housing Council was the epitome of meaningful service opportunities to identify, advocate for and work with a cohort of other dedicated community stakeholders, to address the areas of greatest need in Broward County. To have been selected by my peers to serve as Chair, has been the best compliment of all. 
As we continue to fight against COVID-19 and its ravaging collateral damage to our residents, children and our economy, we must remain vigilant in our efforts to maintain accessibility to safe and affordable housing. If we don't, our most vulnerable and under-resourced families are at risk from a collapse of the system, an increase in hunger, homelessness and disease. We, as Americans, cannot let this happen.
Teneshia Taylor

BHC Category:
Owner of a business
that employs fewer
than 50 employees
Occupation: Entrepreneur and Real Estate Consultant
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • City of Miramar Education Advisory Board Member and Scholarship Fund Chairperson
  • YWCA South Florida Property Committee Member
  • Miramar United Methodist Church Youth Group Facilitator

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
My motivation to serve on the Broward Housing Council (BHC) was mission alignment.  The BHC's mission, to address housing affordability and homelessness, aligns with my passion for community development and equitable housing.
As an entrepreneur, I believe that the business community can, and should, play a more significant role in addressing the issue of affordability.  South Florida's housing crisis is far-reaching, with socioeconomic impact countywide.
The magnitude of Broward's affordable housing challenge requires a multilateral effort from a collective of residents and public and private stakeholders.  My entrepreneurial perspective helps the BHC shape housing strategies for such an effort and foster greater stakeholder engagement.
Lisa Vecchi

BHC Category:
Chief Executive
of a not-for-profit
housing organization
Occupation: CEO/President, Broward Housing Solutions®
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services Advisory Council member
  • Broward County Mental Health Task Force – Criminal Justice member
  • Mission United-United Way of Broward County Advisory Council -Supportive Housing member
  • Mental Health Coalition of Broward County member
  • Broward Housing & Community Development Task Force member
  • Broward Woman’s Alliance (BWA) member
  • The Florida Alliance of Community Development Corporations (FLACDC) member

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
Proudly leading Broward Housing Solutions (BHS) as CEO since 2008, and as the original board member of the Broward Housing Council since 2009, the decision to serve made sense: I’m a proud provider of affordable housing that addresses Broward County’s serious social issue surrounding homelessness!  
A fierce advocate for the need of affordable housing, specifically for the low-income, chronically homeless residents with disabilities who also have a mental illness, it is a privilege to serve this beautiful community. Here are three reasons that solidify why affordable housing for benefits everyone:  
1. Prevents Homelessness: Affordable and supportive housing prevents at risk populations such as Young Adults aging out of foster care, Seniors, Veterans and families from becoming homeless. Coupled with community partnerships offering an array of support services, it encourages a permanent exodus from the streets. 
2. Provides Opportunity: Affordable and supportive housing provides a safe home where all have the opportunity to stabilize, recover and reintegrate back into society achieving long-term, self-sufficiency. 
3. Social Benefit: Affordable housing serves as a greater platform addressing the immediate needs for productive citizens reducing substantial financial strains on our communities (taxpayers), such as incarceration at $150 per night and over-utilization of emergency rooms at approximately $720 per night. 
Nobody said it better than Muhammad Ali, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”, and I’m honored to serve as a board member of the Broward Housing Council!
Beverly Williams

BHC Category:
Officer, Broward League
​o​f Cities
Occupation: Vice Mayor, Lauderdale Lakes
Current involvement with other organizations:
  • Broward League of Cities President 2021-2022
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
  • Broward  County Planning Council
  • Broward Transportation Steering Committee
  • Master Gardner, University of Florida Extension (UF/IFAS) & Broward County Habitat Steward

Why I'm involved with the BHC:
I was appointed to the Broward Housing Council (BHC) board as a representative of the Broward League of Cities who in turn represent the 31 cities in Broward County. This allowed me the opportunity to understand how homelessness affect our communities and how elected officials can make an impact on assisting in alleviate homelessness.  My involvement in the BHC assist me in educating my colleagues on the Commission on the importance of addressing this problem in our city, a problem which has become a major issue around the country. The Sadowski fund which is in trust has been earmarked to provide funding for affordable housing. Hopefully more of the funds will be allocated and thus will go a long way towards alleviating homelessness throughout Broward County once the funds are appropriated. I believe that homelessness creates the lack of proper foods, thereby  impacting good health for those who are unfortunate victims of homelessness.  I consider it a privilege to be a associated with the BHC and will do all that is within my power to advocate for affordable housing while working with other organizations with mutual concerns. 
Personal thoughts:
Homelessness and bad eating practices go hand in hand. There is a need to ensure that healthy eating can also be a way of life for the homeless. I am a Master Gardener who manage two community gardens in my City of Lauderdale Lakes where we teach residents how grow fresh pesticide free vegetables. We harvest numerous amounts of vegetables on a by weekly basis, to include tomatoes, collards, carrots, lettuce, turnips, cauliflower, cabbage and kale. This harvest is shared with the Lauderdale Lakes community and our seniors in Lauderdale Lakes.