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Tri-County News

Fort Lauderdale Plans Crackdown On Homeless

Sun Sentinel, March 3, 2020, by Susannah Bryan

Ordinance aims to protect children.  The city that’s made a series of missteps over the years in attempting to corral the homeless has come up with a new way to protect its youngest residents from seeing things that their parents might not want them to see.  Homeless people would not be able to set up camp within 1,000 feet of a school or child care facility under a new law being considered by Fort Lauderdale.  The ordinance, which is up for a commission vote Tuesday, defines camping as dwelling temporarily on a sidewalk, alley or other public space while eating, sleeping or storing personal possessions.  The new law would not take effect until a final vote March 17.


Miami finally has a strategy to tackle its housing affordability crisis.  Here's the plan.

Miami Herald, January 7, 2020, by Andres Viglucci and Rene Rodriguez

If Miami’s political leaders are serious about solving the city’s growing affordability crisis, here’s what a sweeping new plan to be unveiled Wednesday says they need to do:

Create a bank to finance affordable housing construction and renovations, streamline permitting and tweak zoning, then get small and mid-size developers churning out 3,200 units of housing every year for 10 years — a scale and pace that the plan’s authors call “unprecedented.”

If it sounds ambitious, it is nonetheless necessary to solve an acute crisis that’s not just making it harder for Miamians to find housing they can afford, but also gentrifying character and people out of its neighborhoods. The crunch also acts as a drag on the local economy because residents can’t spend money on things other than housing, the plan’s authors say.