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A Commitment to Environmental Stewardship and Resilient Communities

Fort Lauderdale beach In recent years, the County ratified the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact and adopted a climate change element in its Comprehensive Plan. This will guide future decisions about where and how we build and take into consideration the emerging impacts on our infrastructure and the environment.

Broward County is working to leave future generations with a Broward County they can enjoy as much as we do today. For example, when we turn on our faucet at home we expect clean drinking water to flow. But, higher sea levels will make this more challenging and could result in saltwater contamination of water supplies, and possible water shortages. By being proactive now, we can adapt our communities and infrastructure to help reduce risks to our homes, businesses and community services from climate change while protecting our natural resources. Efforts to address the impacts of climate change are guided by a framework for integrating the environmental, economic, and social factors of climate change with a clearly defined county-wide strategy. With your help, we can continue moving closer to building a sustainable and climate resilient Broward County for future generations to enjoy!

We encourage public participation and would like to hear from you.​​​​​​