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Looking to the Future

RedevelopmentIt's amazing how far we've come.  In 1960, Broward County’s population had just crossed the third of a million threshold with 333,950 residents and by 1980 had already surpassed one million. Today, Broward County has welcomed almost two million residents and, we are preparing to receive over 250,000 new residents in the next 25 years. The big question as we continue to grow and thrive is where will we all live, work, study and play. Living on the edge of the Everglades, vacant buildable land is at a premium. So, to accommodate anticipated residential and economic expansion, we need to prioritize redevelopment while protecting and enhancing the County’s established neighborhoods. Planning for redevelopment will require coordinated efforts from the public and private sectors. Our transportation network, service infrastructure, employment centers and residential development are all critical ingredients to successful redevelopment and economic vitality. Decisions regarding land development need to take into account a wide range of considerations, most central are how they affect our quality of life including housing, mobility, and lifestyle options. The County, municipalities, and partner agencies have diligently been preparing areas ripe for redevelopment by addressing deficiencies. As we update the Land Use Plan and the Comprehensive Plan we need your feedback to answer one of the greatest questions facing us: what will Broward County look like 10, 20, 50 and even 100 years from now?​​​