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FY2016 Recommended Capital Program
​​Complete Document (PDF)

Capital Program Summaries (PDF)


All Funds Summary
Revenue Summary
Capital Program Development Process
How to Use Capital Project Description Pages
Fiscal year 2015 Capital Positions
Glossary of Terms

Transportation Capital (PDF)


Transportation Capital – Introduction
Five Year Revenue and Appropriation Summary
Road Expansion Projects Chart
Road Projects Description
Maintenance and Improvement Projects Description
Traffic Engineering Projects Description
Capital Program Support Description
Reserves & Transfers Description

General Capital (PDF)


General Capital Outlay Program
Five Year Revenue Summary
Five Year Appropriation Summary
Library Facilities Map
Library Projects - Project Descriptions
Regional Parks Map
Regional Parks Projects - Project Descriptions
Government Facilities Map
Corrections Maintenance Projects - Project Descriptions
Facilities Maintenance Projects - Project Descriptions
General Government Projects – Project Descriptions
Environmental Projects – Project Descriptions
Information Systems Projects – Project Descriptions
Regional Communication Technology Projects – Project Descriptions
Project Management Expenses – Project Descriptions
Reserves – Descriptions

Broward Municipal Services District Capital (PDF)


Broward Municipal Services District Capital – Introduction
Broward Municipal services District Five Year Summary
Broward Municipal Services District Neighborhoods Map
NW 27th Avenue Safe Streets Project
Local Parks Improvements
Neighborhood Sign Improvements
Reserves and Support Costs

Enterprise Capital (PDF)


Enterprise Capital – Introduction
Aviation Five Year Summary
Aviation Project Descriptions
Port Everglades Five Year Summary
Port Everglades Project Descriptions
Water and Wastewater Five year Summary
Water and Wastewater Project Descriptions

Other Funds Capital (PDF)


Other Funds – Introduction
Transit Capital Program Five Year Summary
Transit Grant-Funded Capital Project Descriptions
Transit Non-Grant Capital Projects Descriptions
Transit Capital Fund Summaries
Court Facilities Program Five Year Summary
Court Facilities Project Descriptions
Beach Renourishment Program Five Year Summary
Beach Renourishment Program Project Descriptions
Community Development Program Five Year Summary
Community Development Project Descriptions
Convention Center Program Five Year Summary
Convention Center Project Descriptions
Broward Boating Improvement Program Five Year Summary
Broward Boating Improvement Project Descriptions
Public Art and Design
Affordable Housing Capital/Broward Redevelopment Program Five Year Summary
Affordable Housing Capita/Broward Redevelopment Program Project Descriptions

Debt Service Budget (PDF)


Debt Service Budget – Introduction
Debt Service Budg​et Fund Summary
Debt Service Budget Appropriation Overview
Debt Service Budget Revenue Summary
Bonded Debt Per Capita
Debt Service – Bond Issue Description