Budget Calendar

The Commission begins initial discussions in February and proceeds through a series of workshops that culminate in two public hearings in September. At that time, the Operating Budget, Capital Budget and Five-Year Capital Program are adopted. The new fiscal year begins in October.

February​ ​​
  • County Commission meets to discuss the upcomin​​g year’s fiscal policy
  • County Agencies submit proposals for new capital projects and re-estimations of existing projects to the Office of Management and Budget
  • County Agencies submit Operating Budget proposals to the Office of Management and Budget
  • Office of Management and Budget analyzes proposed Operating and Capital Budgets
  • County Commission holds budget workshop(s)
  • Constitutional Officers submit proposed budgets (Sheriff, Supervisor of Elections and Property Appraiser)
  • County Commission holds budget workshop(s)
  • County receives estimated property tax roll from Property Appraiser
  • County Administrator develops Operating and Capital budget recommendations
​July ​
  • County receives certified property tax roll from Property Appraiser
  • County Administrator finalizes budget recommendations
  • Recommended Operating Budget and Capital Program are transmitted to County Commission and posted online
August ​
  • County Commission holds final workshop(s)
  • Property Appraiser sends out TRIM (Truth-in-Millage) notices
​September ​
  • Two public hearings are held to adopt the Operating Budget, Capital Budget, and Five-year Capital Program
October ​
  • Fiscal year begins
November/December ​
  • Preliminary forecasts for upcoming fiscal year are prepared
Ongoing ​