Budget Mandates

State and Federal Mandated Expenditures Impact the County's Budget

Many state and federal directives require local governments to provide services or programs without providing the appropriate monies or funding sources. These directives, which are known as “unfunded mandates,” can compromise a county or local government's ability to provide essential services that have been deemed appropriate by the local community. The Broward County Board of County Commissioners opposes any federal or state legislative actions that create an additional financial burden on local governments, as these “unfunded mandates” require resources that would otherwise be used to fund local needs and community services.

These mandated expenditures significantly impact the County budget. The State and Federal mandates include but are not limited to:

  • Court System Support Costs
  • Health Costs - Medicaid Match, Health Department Subsidy
  • Juvenile Justice Subsidy
  • Regional Transportation Authority Subsidy
  • Americans with Disabilities Act and Paratransit Costs
  • Medical Examiner's Office
  • Public Safety - "Heart and Lung" Workers' Compensation Claims and Additional First Responder Workers' Compensation Costs
  • Emergency Management
  • Detention Population Cap, Sentencing Guidelines, State Regulation of Pre-Trial Programs, Health costs for Injured/Ill Inmates