Where does the money come from?
And where does it go?

The chart below illustrates that Broward County revenues come from a variety of sources including Property Taxes, Fees for Services, and Grants.

A pie chart showing the sources of Broward County revenue as a percentage  

Where Does the County Dollar Go?

This next chart illustrates that Broward County expends funds to support its General Operating budget, Enterprise Agency budgets (such as the Airport), the County's Capital budget, and in support of the County's Debt Service budget.

A pie chart depicting the pecentage distribution of Broward County expenditures  

Where do General Fund Revenues Come From?

General Fund revenues come from a variety of sources and are used to support a number of programs. The pie chart below provides a graphic distribution of General Fund Revenues. Pie chart depicting sources of General Fund Revenue
Where are your Property Tax Dollars Spent?

The General Fund revenues chart indicated over two-thirds of General Fund revenues come from Property Taxes (also called 'Ad Valorem' Taxes). The information provided below illustrates how the County's share of your Property Taxes are allocated to various County Agencies.

A pie chart depicting the percentage distributions of Property Tax Expenditures

Would you like to know more about your individual property tax assessment? You can look up your latest property tax assessment here. (Please note that a link to the Broward County Property Appraiser's online Property Search Tool will open in new browser window).

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