Electrical Meter Releases


Broward County Building Code ​Building Permitting office has jurisdiction for properties in Unincorporated Broward County. Prior to submitting an Electrical  Meter Release application to our office, please conf​irm jurisdiction of the property with the Broward County Property Appraiser's Office.

When electricity is turned off at a property for various reasons that includes, but not ​limited to, fire, construction, non-payment, etc., Florida Power and Light (FPL) requires an inspection before the electricity is restored.

Our jurisdiction requires the Electrical Meter Release application​ to be submitted to our permitting office by the Property Owner. If the Applicant is not the Property Owner, the Applicant will be required to provide written consent, notarized letter of authorization, or signed lease from the Property Owner authorizing the third-party (Applicant) to request the electrical meter release.

Broward County Building Code ​Building Permitting office conducts the following:

  • Collect $66.00 Electric Meter Release application​ ​fee. A Payment Voucher will be issued which is required to schedule an inspection.
  • performs an inspection
  • verbally communicates the inspection results to both the Property Owner/Applicant and FPL

Inspections must be scheduled with the Broward County Call Center by calling (954) 831-4000.  Please provide the Call Center Representative with the Job Number and Phone Access Code referenced on the Payment Voucher.

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