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The Florida Building Code requires permits for temporary tents; portable structures, portable sanitary facilities; electrical connections to a main power source and/or portable generator; potable water connections and gas/propane connections. Permits are also required for events that involve food preparation and/or rides and attractions.

Only contractors certified in these specified discipline types may get permits:


General: Tents, canopies, platforms, stages, etc.
Electrical: Generators, lighting, electrical power distribution, etc.
Plumbing: Temporary restroom facilities, gas equipment, etc.
Mechanical Air-Conditioning systems, fire extinguishing apparatus, etc.




All routing to the following agencies must be completed prior to submitting a permit application to us:


[  ] Zoning
[  ] Fire Marshal's Office
[  ] State of Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) for food preparation (if applicable)
[  ] State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for amusement rides (if applicable)


Your plans must include a site plan that indicates:


  [  ]

  [  ]  Egress to and from the site
  [  ]  Location of booths*
  [  ]  Location of rides
  [  ]  Electrical details**
  [  ]  Compliance with all ADA requirements
  [  ]  Structural details/shop drawings for tents or canopies


* Booths using and storing liquefied petroleum need to comply with NFPA 54 & 58 as well as Florida Building Code requirements:


[  ] Show sizes and locations of all gas containers
(all gas containers must be secured and protected)
[  ] Provide the total number of occupants anticipated at peak times
[  ] Show location and number of existing and proposed sanitary facilities. (existing facilities that are within 500 feet of the event may be included)
[  ] Indicate location of all fire extinguishers


 ** Electrical details to be shown on the plan:


[  ] Indicate overhead power lines and clearances
[  ] If multiple power sources, indicate bonding on grounding detail.
[  ] Provide load calculations and indicate all loads that are to be connected
[  ] Provide KVA ratings of generators and indicate the type of cables being used (hard usage required)
[  ] Note that lamps used for general illumination in tents or concessions shall be protected from accidental breakage by suitable fixtures or guards (no open fixtures)
[  ] Fire extinguishers are required at generators minimum 2A10BC


Location Contacts

Location Contact Phone
Unincorporated Broward County Community Code Compliance 954-765-4400, Option 8
Brian Piccolo Park & Velodrome 954-357-5150
Quiet Waters Park 954-357-5100

Fire Marshal's Office

  • Public and life safety concerns
  • Traffic control


Location Contact Phone
Broward County 

Brian Piccolo Park & Velodrome
Department of
Fire Rescue
Quiet Waters Park Deerfield Beach
Fire Rescue


We accept permit applications only after the plans have been routed and approved by all other agencies. Upon approval, any required fees will need to be paid and then your permit will be issued. Once your final inspections have passed, the permit will be signed off as complete and the event will be allowed to open to the public.​