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​Broward County requires contractors in certain construction trades to have a "Certificate of Competency" commonly known as a trade license.  Depending upon the trade, this license allows the holder to perform the work and/or operate a business within all of the municipalities within the county and obtain permits required to perform the project. Operating a business without a proper qualified person holding a Certificate of Competency or acting as an independent contractor is a violation of the County's ordinances.  Fines can and will be imposed on both businesses and contractors operating without a licensed supervisor, manager or an individual performing the work. 

Change to Contractor Licensing with Florida House HB735

The Florida Legislature approved House Bill HB735, which preempts local occupational licenses to the State of Florida, effective July 1, 2021. ​House Bill HB735 provides that occupational licenses issued by local jurisdictions, including those related to construction occupations, will be prohibited after July 1, 2023.

A jurisdiction having construction-related licensing requirements before January 1, 2021, can continue to license construction-related occupations until July 1, 2023; however, such licensing requirements cannot be modified, and no additional requirements can be added.

Therefore, between now and June 30, 2023, applicants seeking a new license or renewal for those construction-related specialty licenses will be issued a license or have their prior license renewed with an expiration date of July 1, 2023.  Accordingly, the license fee will be prorated to cover only the licensure period between the date of issuance or renewal and the statutory July 1, 2023, end ​date.

Preempted Contractor Licenses by HB735​

Below is a list of the preempted licenses from Florida House Bill HB735 that will no longer be issued by Broward County after the June 30, 2023 date. 

  • Acoustic Ceilings Category - Class "A" 

  • Aluminum Specialty Structure Contractor - Class "AL" 

  • Fabric Awning Category - Class “AF” 

  • Awning Erection Category - Class "AE”

  • Bridges, Overpasses, Underpasses - Class” B” 

  • Cabinetry Category - Class “CB” 

  • Cable Television - Class “1C-D” 

  • Carpentry Category - Class “CA” 

  • Clearing and Grading - Class “B” 

  • Concrete Driveways, Curbs, Gutters, Driveway Entrances, and Sidewalks - Class “C”

  • Concrete Placing and Finishing Contractor - Class "CP" 

  • Directional Drilling - Class “1A-E”

  • Dredging - Class “C” 

  • Elevator Installation and Maintenance - Class “E” 

  • Excavation - Class “A”

  • Feeder Distribution Interface Installer - Class “1C-C”

  • Fence Erection Contractor - Class "F" 

  • Finished Carpentry Category - Class "FC" 

  • Flatwork Concrete Specialty Contractor - Class “FWC” 

  • Flooring Contractor - Class "FL" 

  • Fuel Transmission and Distribution Lines - Class “1C-A”

  • Garage Door Category - Class “GD” 

  • General Engineered Construction Builder 

  • Gunite Category - Class "GU" 

  • Insulation Contractor - Class "I" 

  • Interlocking Brick Pavers - Class “F” 

  • Jack and Bore Installer - Class “1A-C”

  • Major Roads - Class “A”

  • Masonry Contractor - Class "M" 

  • Mechanical Insulation Contractor 

  • Minor Roads - Class “B”

  • Miscellaneous Metals Erection Category - Class "MM" 

  • Painting Unlimited Contract​or - Class "PU" 

  • Painting (Interior and Exterior) Contractor - Class "P" 

  • Pavers - Class "PV" 

  • Pile Driving - Class “D”

  • Pipe Bursting - Class “1A-F”

  • Pipeline Rehabilitation - Class “1A-D”

  • Plant Construction - Class “1B” 

  • Plastering and Stucco Contractor - Class "PS" 

  • Pneumatic Control Contractor 

  • Residential Interior Remodeling Contractor - Class “RIR” 

  • Roof Decks Contractor - Class "RD" 

  • Roof Painting and Cleaning Category - Class "RP"

  • Rough Carpentry Contractor - Class "RC" 

  • Sandblasting Category - Class "S" 

  • Sealcoating - Class “D”

  • Secondary Utility & Excavation Contractor - Class “1A-B”

  • Sign Erection (Non-electric) Contractor - Class "SE" 

  • Steel Reinforcing and Iron Category - Class "SR"

  • Striping, Marking, and Signage of Roadways to Include Pavements - Class “E”

  • Structural Steel Category - Class "SS" 

  • Terrazzo Category - Class "T"

  • Tile, Marble, and Granite Contractor - Class "TMG" 

  • Transport Assembly Contractor 

  • Waterproofing Category - Class "W" 

  • Window and Door Contractor - Class “WD” 

Remaining Contractor Licenses NOT affected by HB735

Below is a list of contractor licenses that are not affected by the new House Bill HB735 regulation and will continue to be issued by Broward County.

  • Alarm System Contractor I 

  • Alarm System Contractor II 

  • Class “A” Air Conditioning Contractor 

  • Class “B” Air Conditioning Contractor 

  • Class "A" General Building Contractor (or General Contractor) 

  • Class "B" General Building Contractor (or Building Contractor) 

  • Class "C" Residential Building Contractor (or Residential Contractor) 

  • Commercial Pool/Spa Contractor - Class "CPC" 

  • Demolition (Non-explosive) Contractor - Class "D" 

  • Master Electrician/Electrical Contractor 

  • Drywall and Lathing Contractor - Class "DL" 

  • Glazing Contractor - Class "G" 

  • Irrigation Specialty Contractor 

  • Light Marine - Class “C” 

  • Limited Energy Systems Specialty Contractor 

  • Mechanical Contractor 

  • Master Plumber 

  • Residential Pool/Spa Contractor - Class "RP" 

  • Roofing Contractor - Class "R" 

  • Sheet Metal

  • Solar Contractor

  • Swimming Pool/Spa Servicing Contractor - Class "SP" 

  • Underground and Aerial Utility Transmission and Distribution Lines - Class “1C-B”

  • Underground Utility & Excavation Contractor - Class “1A-A”

Remaining Journeyman Licenses NOT affected by HB735

Below is a list of journeyman licenses that are not affected by the new House Bill HB735 regulation and will continue to be issued by Broward County.

  • Fire Alarm System Journeyman 

  • Journeyman Electrician 

  • Limited Energy Systems Specialty Journeyman 

  • Insulation Journeyman 

  • Mechanical Journeyman

  • Journeyman Plumber 

  • Sheet Metal Journeyman 

  • Maintenance Electrician 

Permitting Questions due to HB735

​For permitting questions and licensing requirements, please use the corresponding links below:


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Frequently Asked Questions due to HB735

Frequently asked questions and answers in response to the changed being made with House Bill HB735. If your question is not answered here, please submit it to

Q​uestion: If my license category is being eliminated on July 1, 2023, am I required to obtain another license to perform the same scope of work?
Answer: You will only need to obtain another license if the scope of work requires a building permit. 

Question: Are there any other options for licensing and where can I find information?
Answer: Yes. Broward County and the State of Florida will continue to require and issue contractor licenses for specific scopes of service.  More information can be found on the State of Florida's, Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) website and Broward County's, Building Code, Contractor Licensing website.

Question: Will license renewals be prorated and how?
Answer: Yes. Renewal fees in 2022 will be prorated for the nine months the license will be in effect.

Question: After July 1, 2023, will you need a contractor’s license to obtain a permit?
​Answer: Yes. You will need to have a license issued by Broward County or the State of Florida specific to the category for which a permit is required.

​Question: Does this change mean that all specialty licenses will no longer exist after July 2023? If so, will all specialty contractors go out of business?
Answer: No. There will still be a limited number of specialty licenses issued by Broward County and the State of Florida. View the list of remaining specialty licenses on our webpage. 

​Question: Will permits be needed for work in these categories after July 2023?
Answer: Yes, if the scope of work requires a building permit. House Bill HB735 does not affect building permit requirements. Check with your local municipality where the permit is to be obtained for more information.

Question: What does it mean to be licensed with the State of Florida?
Answer: License by the state means the state approved and issued that license. 
Question: What does it mean to be registered with the State of Florida?
Answer: Registered means you have a county-issued license that is substantially equal to the scope of work of a license issued by the state, therefore you must register this license with the state as defined in 489.105(3)(a) - (o) and (q) or authorized in s. 489.1455(1).

​Question: Who should I contact to register my license with the State of Florida?
​Answer: You should contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) online at or call 850-487-1395.

​​Question: What happens if my permit does not obtain a final inspection approval and expires after July 1, 2023?
​Answer: The permit must be reissued and can only be reissued to licensed contractors. Check with the municipality where the permit was obtained for specific requirements.

Question: How will I know which municipality requires permits for projects using affected specialty licenses and which does not?
​Answer: You must contact the municipality’s / building department where the work is being performed for their permit requirements.​​