Broward County Building Code Division ​reciprocates with all counties within the state of Florida. The decision to reciprocate is determined by the Contractor's licensing trade's Board.

An individual who has been issued a Certificate of Competency by any county within the state of Florida, must provide the following:

  • category, class, and level of certification for which he or she is certified;
  • meet the standards set established by Section 9-7 of Broward County Code of Ordinance, if the individual proposes to qualify a business organization, contract, or subcontract in the category or class for which the individual is seeking certification;
  • achieve an examination grade meeting or exceeding the minimum examination grade established by the Broward County Code of Ordinance, Chapter 9, or the Board in the county upon whose prior certification the individual is basing the request for certification pursuant to Section 9-12 of the Broward County Code of Ordinance.
  • A letter from the reciprocating county must be sent to us in a sealed envelope and received in our office prior to the Board meeting date stating the following:
    • when you took the examination
    • what your score was (for both the business and the trade exams)
    • the name of the testing agency
    • what county the exam was prepared and proctored for

Please contact the staff technician for each trade's Board to inquire about reciprocity.​​