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Renew Elevator Certificate of Operation

The Elevator Safety Act, Florida Statute 399, requires the elevator owner to have annual inspections by a private 3rd party CEI (Certified Elevator Inspector) or by a Broward County CEI. 

You must have your elevating device tested for safety compliance by a certified elevator technician and a Certified Elevator Inspector (CEI) must witness the test.

The elevator owner is responsible for having these tests performed by a licensed elevator maintenance company.

Any violation(s) noted on your annual inspection report must be corrected within 90 days. The report must then be signed by the building owner or a representative of the property management company to verify that all of the corrections have been made and that the elevating device complies with Chapter 399, Florida State Statutes. You must then forward the signed report to us.

You may apply for a temporary elevator variance for certain violations.


  • If you allow your Certificate of Operation to expire, Florida Statute 399 authorizes us to assess an administrative fine of up to $1,000.
  • As defined in Chapter 399 of the Florida Statutes, failure to schedule the annual safety inspection may subject you to additional penalties and/or fines. Under unsafe conditions it might be necessary for us to shut down an elevating device. Please avoid formal enforcement action by ensuring the elevating devices you are responsible for are properly inspected and are being maintained in safe working condition.

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