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Building Code Division's Virtual Operations.


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We regulate over 11, 000​ elevating devices countywide. We issue permits for new installations and any alterations of existing devices.

Our program provides:​

  • Conformance to the Florida Building Code and the Florida State Statutes through review of all construction plans for new and remodeled elevating devices.
  • Safety for elevating devices through mandated enforcement by Certified Elevator Inspectors per Chapter 399 of the Florida State Statutes, Chapter 61C5 of the Florida Administrative Code, and Chapter 30 of the Florida Building Code​.
  • Complete inspections associated with Certificates of Operation issued for elevating devices.
  • Timely coordination with fire, police, paramedics and other emergency responders on accidents involving elevating devices.
These devices include:

  • Elevators
  • Wheelchair Lifts
  • Stairway Lifts
  • Escalators
  • Moving Walks
  • Dumbwaiters
  • Limited Use, Limited Access Devices (LULA)

There are specific permit fees for each different type of new elevating installation and for alterations.

Only an elevator company which is licensed with the State of Florida can install or repair an elevating device. To verify the status of an elevator contractor's license, check with the Florida Bureau of Elevator Safety at 850-487-1395.

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