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Third-Party CEIs: Elevator Owners

​​​​​​​The Elevator Safety Act, Florida Statute 399, requires the elevator owner to have annual inspections by a private 3rd party CEI (Certified Elevator Inspector) or by a Broward County CEI. 

Section 399.13 F.S. allows Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) to contract with local governments to inspect elevators and enforce applicable provisions of the Florida Building Code. It also allows local governments to use third-party certified elevator inspectors (Third-Party CEIs) to inspect elevators. 

We now recognize annual/routine elevator inspections performed by Third-Party CEIs
. You may directly contact any approved Third-Party CEI listed below to schedule annual/routine inspections. We regularly update our list of providers as we receive and approve applications. For more information on the list, please call us at 954-765-4400, Option #4 or send us an email to elevators@broward.org.

  • Third-Party CEIs generally have the same qualifications as our inspectors and typically follow the same inspection and enforcement procedures.
  • You can verify certification of a Third-Party CEI with the DBPR's Certified Elevator Inspectors report.
  • Any code violations identified by a Third-Party CEI carry the same regulatory weight as those identified by our inspectors.
  • If necessary, you may also​ ask a Third-Party CEI to present a letter from our office authorizing their participation in the program.
  • We do not regulate fees charged by Third-Party CEIs and arrangements with a Third-Party CEI are considered a private matter.
  • Third-Party CEIs are required to carry general liability insurance.
  • We will regularly monitor the work of Third-Party CEIs and may ask elevator owners, who recently used a Third-Party CEI, to allow us to conduct a quality-assurance inspection to verify the procedures used and findings.
  • To provide feedback about a Third-Party CEI or if you have questions, please call us at 954-765-4400, Option #4 or send and email to elevators@broward.org.​​​
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