Property Research and Violations

All Building Code Violation and Property Research requests must be submitted through our new online​ portal.  An online account is required. Please refer to the User Guide.

The research fee must be paid prior to the commencement of the search.

These searches are limited to ONLY: Broward County (Unincorporated) building permits, Broward County Building Code Division​ building code violations, and liens for properties for which Building Code has or no longer has jurisdiction.

Not within our jurisdiction:

For locations for which Broward County Building Permitting no longer has jurisdiction, the permitting requirements for the municipality holding jurisdiction, must be fulfilled prior to our agency closing out the permit. Authorized personnel from the city will inform our Building Official if our permit should be closed.


Please allow 5-7 business days for processing or follow-up.  Please direct questions to

If the property has licensed elevating devices, please contact to research any violations or outstanding fees for the elevating devices.


Access the online portal, here.


Closing out a Permit:


Broward County Building Permitting jurisdiction: Additional review by Building Code ​Building Permitting office is required prior to closing out an open permit for which Building Code Services has jurisdiction. Please contact us at


The following are the permit statuses used by our agency.


Permit StatusPermit Closed?
Plan Review​​

Reviews CompleteNo
Wait for PaymentNo


Lien Satisfaction:

Please contact Enforcement Administration at 954.765-4400 ext. 9865 to discuss.


​For Code Enforcement Section (CES) lien searches that include but are not limited to: Land Clearance Violations & Liens, Zoning Violations & Liens, Junk Property Violations & Liens, Zoning Citations & Liens, please contact 954.357.9794 or

E‐MAIL ONLY:  The research fee for a Code Compliance Enforcement research is $60.00.

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