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Visioning Process

Project Vision Includes Stakeholder Input

Public involvement played a key role in the development of a Master Plan for Broward County’s Convention Center expansion and headquarters hotel project. Nearly 20 stakeholder meetings were held involving hundreds of residents, business owners, community groups including homeowner associations, and elected officials. Project planners also reached out to local hoteliers and national hotel developers for input.

During the public input process, stakeholders identified the following as important project elements:

  • Utilize the entire site, and take full advantage of waterfront access and views
  • Design an iconic building for an iconic destination
  • Connect the project to surrounding hotels and retail
  • Offer entertainment
  • Create a pedestrian-oriented environment with transit alternatives
  • Create outdoor space and provide access to boats
  • Incorporate cruise passengers
  • Improve traffic in and around the site
  • Incorporate sustainability
These elements were crystalized into five design principles in the Master Plan process:
  1. Create an iconic waterfront destination
  2. Integrate existing community assets and business
  3. Explore building design that creates the sense of place
  4. Promote multi-modal transportation
  5. Encourage sustainable development

Project Vision Includes Stakeholder Input 
Input received during the public involvement phase was reflected in the proposed vision for Broward County's Convention Center expansion.​​