Volunteer Internship Program

​Broward County’s Volunteer Internship Program (VIP) is dedicated to providing students with an unsurpassed learning experience. Our goal is to offer selected VIP candidates the opportunity to gain insight into the new, dynamic and changing world of public sector employment and prepare them for exciting opportunities with Broward County. The program's goal is to encourage students to pursue careers within County government, while providing a meaningful learning opportunity. Volunteer Interns will also have the opportunity to be mentored by senior staff, contribute to the agency's goals, and make a difference.

​Temporary, unpaid placement in a Broward County agency that provides Volunteer Interns with practical and professional work experience.

  • Opportunity to work in County Administration, Finance and Administrative Services, Port Everglades, Aviation, Human Resources, Enterprise Technology Services, Libraries, Environmental Protection, Human Services, Transit and many more!
  • Volunteer Interns learn the business of a designated agency through their assistance with daily operational tasks and assignments/projects. 
  • Volunteer Interns will be able to integrate theory with practice in a government environment.
  • Ideal for students seeking work experience in their program/major. Volunteer Interns have the potential to receive academic credit based upon their school's internship requirements.  
  • Minimum duration of assignment is equivalent to one semester or 3- 4 months (spring/winter, summer or fall).  
  • Volunteer Interns will work a maximum of 20 hours per week.  
  • Volunteer Interns must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree-seeking program at an accredited college, university, or a Council on Occupational Education (COE) accredited vocational/technical school and remain an active student throughout the internship period. 
  • Volunteer Interns must possess an overall grade point average of 2.5 or above.

If selected for the Volunteer Internship Program, a VIP Release and Waiver of Liability Form will be required to be completed and signed upon the acceptance of the internship.  Volunteers under the age of 18 will need their parent/guardian's signature on this form.


"Working closely with many people in the program was very valuable experience. I was able to use some of the programs they use every day and learn some of the day-to-day tasks as well as attend weekly meetings. I hope that future interns get the chance to not only help with the tasks I did, but also get the chance to learn some about more detailed tasks such as reviewing plans. That time with my supervisor Jose was valuable in helping me learn what he does and what skills are valuable in becoming an engineer." ~ Daniel, Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division

​"I loved that they catered the experience around what I wanted to do. My mentors had me making flyers, videos, going to different parks, etc. which was interesting. Each day it was something new." ~ Ebunaé, Parks and Recreation Division

The work experience is amazing and can really push your resume to the next level. Every person I met was inviting and eager to become a colleague in my career." ~ Luis, Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division

"At the start of my VIP internship, I knew that I wanted to be in the information technology field, but I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. Throughout the course of my VIP internship I found my passion for computer networking by being able to work hands-on with industry networking devices and services. Overall, the program is a great opportunity for anyone to find their passion. Plus, you get to work with really nice people like my supervisors Paula and Brian who helped guide me throughout my internship program." ~ Dashawn, Facilities Management Division

​“My internship with Broward County Port Everglades’ Environmental Program was completed to obtain my Masters of Professional Science Degree in Coastal Zone Management at the University of Miami. My role as Port Environmental Management Intern allowed me to have a full immersive experience in day-to-day Port operations and the management and restoration projects that occur within the Port. During this internship I participated in the Port Navigation Improvement Project, the manatee aggregation study, upland habitat restoration and enhancement projects, as well as the creation and maintenance of a Broward County Coastal Plant Database. I also had the opportunity to get HAZWOPER certified and participate in the USCG's 2018 Southeast Florida Area Preparedness for Response (PREP) Full Scale Exercise completed within Port Everglades.” ~ Beth, Port Everglades Seaport Engineering & Facilities Maintenance

"​​I was an intern at Broward County's Port Everglades Business Division, therefore it allowed me to gain valuable skills in my fields of study ,HR and International Business. It allowed me to carry over with me through campus life and study abroad" ~ Margarita, Port Everglades Business Administration

​"The most valuable experience from the internship is that I was able to learn something different from all the staff in the Human Resources Division. Each person has their own strengths and skills that I was able to learn from and take with me. Everyone was courteous, kind and wise. Also, attending the job fairs and shadowing interviews really gave me a great insight on the Staffing process" ~ Andrew, Human Resources 

​"It gave me the confidence to believe that I can work in a computer oriented environment and not be afraid of how hard it may be" ~ Steven, Facilities Management Division

​"It provided me the opportunity to get a full time job, which has provided me the experience needed to further my career goals" ~ Mabel, County Commission

"The VIP is a great learning opportunity where you can develop your potentiality and grow professionally!" ~ Ariwo-Ola, Accounting Division

​"My exposure to a variety of departments through the Office of the County Administrator gave me a good understanding of how departments function independently and with each other. As a result, I have been able to pursue a variety of jobs in many different departments and have been successful in getting interviews/hired" ~ Daniela, County Administration

“I applied for the VIP opportunity during the start of my senior year of college. Once I was accepted into the program, I started working with the Datacom team from the Enterprise Technology Services Division’s Infrastructure Services Group directly under the supervision of Mr. Jhon Ocampo. The internship was everything I had hoped for and more. In college, I was learning the theory related to the IT/Computer Science field. However, it was here in the internship that I was able to apply that theory into practice. Since I came on board, the team made me feel very welcomed and as if I was a permanent team member. Mr. Ocampo immediately started giving me tasks and provided training on Cisco systems which are the most popular networking systems used worldwide. Furthermore, I learned and practiced key networking skills and technologies like routing protocols, firewall management, switch configuration, documentation and monitoring, and many more. It was not long before I (as an intern), started going around County agencies installing and configuring Cisco systems. The skills I learned and developed during the internship, prepared me for the position of Systems Network Analyst for which I eventually applied for and was hired." ~ Luis, Enterprise Technology Services

“The Volunteer Internship Program was an unsurpassed learning experience. I grew professionally and developed my potential. Each engineer taught me something and was welcoming and helpful. The skills I learned and the knowledge I acquired will help me further my career goals.” ~ Robert, Port Everglades Seaport Engineering & Facilities Maintenance


For additional information or questions, contact Staffing Services at VIP@broward.org or 954-357-6020.

Available VIP opportunities are listed at: Broward.org/Careers​
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