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Census Ends October 15, 2020
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Census Ends October 15, 2020


The decennial census is crucial to our democracy and fair representation in Congress. It helps to determine how more than $1.5 trillion/year in federal funds are distributed. An undercount in Broward would mean the loss of millions of dollars for schools and nutrition programs, hospitals and nursing homes, roads and highways, emergency preparedness and services, and other vital programs for the next 10 years.

The 2020 Census' detailed demographic information holds exceptional value to businesses—it helps inform decisions to expand, develop products, market, hire, mitigate risk and increase return on investment.

Updates regarding Broward County's final count will be posted here when received.

10 Census Facts That Bust Common Myths About The 2020 U.S. Head Count

  1. The 2020 census form does not include a citizenship question
  2. The census does not start on Census Day (April 1)
  3. The census does not count only U.S. citizens
  4. The Census Bureau does not keep your individually identifiable data confidential forever
  5. The 2020 census is not the first online U.S. census
  6. The census is not voluntary, but every person is not required to fill out a census form
  7. The census does not consider "Hispanic or Latino" a race
  8. The census does not ask about your religion, political affiliation or income
  9. The exact number of dollars in federal funding guided by census data is not known
  10. The census is not the American Community Survey

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