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Seal of Sustainability
Seal of Sustainability logo

Broward County is committed to taking action to being a good steward of the environment. County Programs that bear the coveted Seal of Sustainability meet the triple bottom line of sustainability: Environment, Economy and Community.

​The Go Green Seal of Sustainability program identifies initiatives that provide better government today to ensure the future of Broward County’s environment, economy, and community. The program is used to gather the County’s qualifying green programs and projects under a single brand to highlight the County sustainability efforts, to demonstrate to the public our government’s commitment to sustainable operation, and to spread the culture of sustainability. The Go Green Seal of Sustainability program offers agencies an opportunity to associate the “go green footprint” logo with their sustainability projects, as a seal of sustainability. The program encourages all departments, divisions and employees to think about how their efforts meet the triple bottom line.

Certified Projects


How the Program Works

Any county agency or division that has a program or project that might meet the triple bottom line of sustainability should download the Program Criteria for Review.

Programs and projects are required to meet all three of the project criteria which relate to the components of the sustainability triple bottom line. Projects must be able to articulate their environmental, community, and economic benefit. At least one benefit must be quantifiable.

The second step in the process for those agencies meeting the Seal of Sustainability program criteria and wishing to use the “go green footprint” logo must complete an Application. The application can be found on the Broward County intranet “BC-Net” under forms, and then scroll down to Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department. Completed applications are submitted to the Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division, and reviewed and approved by Energy and Sustainability Program staff.

NACOOnce project approval is given, agencies may use the “Go Green footprint” logo on their program communications and marketing materials, include the footprint icon next to related commission agenda items appearing on the printed agenda, and are encouraged to add a sustainability statement to the promulgated cost box on any printed materials.

The Seal of Sustainability program is a 2014 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award Winner!​​