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Sustainability Stewards Workshops

Join the network of professionals working to make Broward a more energy efficient and sustainable place to live. Sustainability Stewards of Broward come together throughout the year to share success stories and discover opportunities for collaboration. What began as a means to collect survey data has grown into a regional network of over 500 local sustainability leaders from the tri-county region.

To be added to the email list or view past event summaries and presentation materials, please email with your request. You can reference the event title and date listed below, if you are requesting specific meeting materials. Thank you!

Nov 29, 2011 Kickoff Event 
Feb 22, 2012  Workshop on Climate Adaptation Planning  
April 24, 2012  Workshop on Energy & Water Conservation  
July 11, 2012

Workshop on Local A​griculture, Urban  Reforestation, and Community Transformation

Oct 9, 2012 Workshop on Green Construction & Government Retrofits​




Jan 17, 2013 Workshop on Waste Management  


May 16 2013 Workshop on Transportation


June 27, 2013 Climate Change Planning - Workshop with BAPA    


Feb 13, 2014 Workshop on Water Conservation  


May 21, 2014 Workshop on Green Fleets/Clean Air  


Sept 16, 2014 Call to Action Workshop




Dec 11, 2014 Workshop on Food Systems Planning and Food Rescue




​Feb 17, 2015 ​Workshop on Connecting Artists and Planners
​May 7, 2015 Workshop on Coastal Resil​​ience and Green Infrastructure



​Dec 11, 2015 ​Dark Sky Movie Night with BAPA

May 5, 2016 ​Local/Regional Coordination on Green Infrastructure

​Aug 18, 2016

​FLOW movie night with BAPA ​​
​Aug 19, 2016 ​DAY OF ACTION: North Fork Blueway Cleanup

​Sept 8, 2016 ​Technical Panel for Planners: Fracking in South Florida, Lunch & Learn with BAPA Video
​Feb 9, 2017 ​Corporate Sustainability Network - kickoff event



​Oct 11, 2017 ​Night Friendly Lighting
​Feb 7, 2018 ​Solar Energy


​April 27, 2018 ​DAY OF ACTION: North Fork Blueway Cleanup & Habitat Enhancement
​Feb 27, 2019
​Leadership by Faith-based Organizations in Sustainability

​June 19, 2019
​Weather Safe and Energy Independent Homes in BMSD
​                                                                         Video Clip
​Sept 12, 2019       
CALL: Energy Incentive Programs in LMI Communities

​Oct 3, 2019
​Urban Green Infrastructure (GI) Lab with Earth Economics
​                                                             Summary & Resources
​Oct 17, 2019
Artists on Climate, Climate Change Action Theater
​                                         Photo Gallery             Video