Climate Action Plan 2020
Image with words Climate Action Plan  

The Broward County Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) consists of over 12​0 strategic actions for addressing the economic, environmental, and social impacts of climate change. 

Originally published in 2010, the plan is updated every five years to keep pace with accomplishments and local opportunities.

A county-wide strategy, the plan is intended to be implemented by local government, community partners and residents alike. 

​Goals Stay in Focus


Two overarching goals will remain the focal points through the 2020 update:

  1. Mitigate the effects of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2% per year, ultimately leading to a total 80% reduction by 2050, and 
  2. Increase the resilience of our community to the effects of climate change.
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Celebrating 10 Years of Progress

By 2019, all 95 actions and 23 high priority actions of the 2015 Climate Change Action Plan have been completed or initiated, a 100% success rate. 

Some actions are related to ongoing collaboration or maintenance of best-available data and rollover from one edition of the plan to the next. Others are project-based and can be updated with new ideas or priorities as community needs evolve.