The County is working hard to ensure that energy is being saved and pollution is at a minimum. In 2007 the Environmental Protection and Growth Management Division created the Broward Climate Change Government Operations Workgroup that includes representatives from many county agencies and is organized into committees in the areas of emissions inventory, buildings/infrastructure, waste reduction/recycling, transportation, natural systems and green policies.



The Workgroup is tasked with reducing Broward County Government greenhouse gas emissions seven percent below baseline 1997 levels by the year 2015 . Below is a graphical representation of Broward County’s greenhouse gas emissions from government operations, showing a snapshot of 2012 data.

2012 Greenhouse Gas Pie Chart 

Government Operations Workgroup Reports

Initial report -June 2008
This Report includes a review of potential climate change related impacts, a government operations GHG emissions reduction goal, a baseline year GHG emissions inventory, reporting of early voluntary actions already implemented towards the GHG emission reduction target, and recommendations on GHG emission reduction strategies for future consideration.

Progress Reports available from 2009 to 2012 by request. Please email