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​Date​ Summary Minutes​ ​Presentations
November 20, 2014 Minutes
Climate Leadership Summit 2014 Recap
Community Energy Strategic Plan Report
Orlando Energy Project
Florida Solar Financing Plan
Reducing GHGs through Employer Commuter Programs
Broward County Renewable Energy Action Plan
Energy and Sustainability Program Update
Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact Update
August 21, 2014 Minutes
Community Energy Strategic Plan Update
FPL Voluntary Community Based Solar Partnership
EPA Clean Power Plan
Resilient Redesign Workshop Summary
Presidential Task Force Update
Broward County Energy & Sustainability Update
May 15, 2014 Minutes
EV Implementation Strategy
Implementation Strategy for Policy 19.2.5
Community Energy Strategic Plan Update
Coastal Resilience
Program and Compact Updates
February 20, 2014 Minutes
Community Energy Strategic Plan Update
Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation
Program Updates
Compact Updates

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