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Broward County's Green Infrastructure Goals
 Broward County is committed to protecting and enhancing local and regional ecosystems, optimizing the co-benefits of habitat restoration, coastal buffers, wetland mitigation, urban reforestation, and expanded green infrastructure, in order to create a healthy, enjoyable, and climate resilient environment.
Green infrastructure is an interconnected system of natural areas and natural services that conserves ecosystem values, helps sustain clean air and water, and provides benefits to people and wildlife.
Green infrastructure is flexible, resilient, and allows a local government to make the most of limited public dollars and achieve multiple goals with a single investment. While typical green infrastructure practices focus on protecting water quality, green infrastructure has the ability to achieve co-benefits such as improved public health, better quality of life, and economic development.
For example:
·   Bioswales provide excellent stormwater protection to streets, homes and businesses.
·   Trees provide shade, clean the air we breathe, and increase property values.
·   Greenways provide opportunities for physical activity and stress reduction in the urban realm.
·   Beach dunes protect coastal communities from storm surge and sand erosion, and provide animals with habitat.
·   The sun powers all natural systems, and could power our built environment, while dark night skies are important for wildlife and support our energy efficiency initiatives.
Broward County Green Infrastructure Map Series
The Map Series below can be used in support of preliminary planning exercises and coordination regarding the enhancement of resources within Broward County.
NatureScape                                         Certified nature and wildlife habitat yards
Solar Energy                                         Solar photovoltaic and solar thermal installations
Urban Forest                                         Tree canopy coverage      
Vegetated Coastal Dunes                       Vegetated dune coverage
Food Deserts                                        Areas where there is little access to healthy fresh food
Water Reuse                                         Reclaimed water availability
Sea Turtle Lighting                                Artificial lighting visible along the beach
Natural Lands, Parks, Greenways            Percentage of cities within 1/2 mile of a park
Night Sky                                              Night brightness and average night radiance 


For more information or high resolution versions of the above maps, contact the Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division of Broward County at 954-519-1270. For program specific information and volunteer opportunities, check out our NatureScape Broward, Beach and Marine, and Energy & Sustainability pages.