Broward County Amendments to the FBC

While amendments to the Florida Building Code are generally initiated by members of the Board of Rules and Appeals, by building code enforcement professionals or by the construction industry, anyone may propose a code change. The procedure for such a proposal is relatively simple. First, one must select the specific section in the Florida Building Code which is deemed to need revision. Next, on a form specified by the Board of Rules and Appeals, state the desired change, the reason for it, and any economic impact it might have on the public.

The proposal is then evaluated by the appropriate Board committee(s), and then passed on to the full Board with committee recommendations. It is important to remember, however, that Florida law allows the Board of Rules and Appeals to make changes in the Florida Building Code which result in equal or greater public safety. The Board of Rules and Appeals does not have the legal authority to make the Florida Building Code less restrictive.​


Florida Building Code - 7th Edition (2020)

     Effective Date: December 31, 2020

Chapter 1

7th Edition (2020) Florida Building Code, Chapter 1 (Municode)​


FBC (2020) - BUILDING Technical Amendments

FBC (2020) - MECHANICAL Technical Amendments

FBC (2020) - PLUMBING Technical Amendments

FBC (2020) - RESIDENTIAL Technical Amendments

Florida Building Code - 6th Edition (2017)

Effective January 1, 2018 

​Chapter 1  

6th Edition (2017) Florida Building Code - Chapter I (with Amendments Effective through March 19, 2020)


  FBC 6th Edition (2017) Amendments - Building

  FBC 6th Edition (2017) Amendments - Mechanical

  FBC 6th Edition (2017) Amendments - Plumbing

Florida Building Code - 5th Edition (2014)

 Chapter 1
FBC 5th Edition (2014) Building-Chapter I
* Includes latest amendments Effective September 16, 2017

Technical Amendments - Effective June 30, 2015​

Building -5th Edition (2014)
Modifications to Chapter 4- Section 454.2.16 - Electrical

Mechanical -5th Edition (2014)
Modifications to Chapter3 - Section [M] 307.2.1 Condensate drainage, collection use or disposal
Modifications to Chapter 9- Section 908.5 Water Supply

Plumbing -5th Edition (2014)
Modifications to Chapter 3 - [M] 314.2.1
Modifications to Chapter 6 - Table 604.3 - Table 604.4
Modifications to APPENDIX F

Residential -5th Edition (2014)
Modifications to Chapter 29 - Table P2903.2
Modifications to Chapter42- Section E4206.4.2

​2010 FBC Amendments

SUPPLEMENT II - Effective October 20, 2014

Broward County Chapter I - Amendment effective 1-20-2015 - Section 104

FBC - Building- Section 424.2.16.1

FBC - Residential - Section R4101.16.1

FBC-Administrative - Chapter I - Section 110.15

SUPPLEMENT I - Amendments Effective March 15, 2012

Broward County Administrative Chapter I

FBC Mechanical -Chapter 3 - General Regulations - Section 307.2.1

FBC Mechanical - Chapter 9 -Section 908.5 - Water Supply

FBC Plumbing - Chapter 3 - General Regulations - Section 314.2.1

FBC Plumbing - Appendix F - Proposed Construction Building Codes for Turf and Landscape Irrigation Systems

FBC Residential