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Formal Interpretations

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Board of Rules and Appeals Formal Interpretations​ Florida Building Code - 
6th Edition (2017) Effective date: January 1, 2018

          6th Edition (2017) - Formal Interpretations

I. Building

FI-1 Materials Exposed within Plenums

FI-2 Identification of Mechanical Equipment

FI-3 Attachments of Ductwork to Air Handling Equipment

FI-4 Insulation Requirements for Primary Considerate Drains

FI-5 Retrofit of Windows, Doors, Garage Doors, Shutters and Skylights FBC Existing Building, Alteration Level I

FI-6 Solar Assisted Air-Conditioning Systems

FI-7 Installation of 100 Wireless Network Low Voltage Alarm Systems

FI-8 Retrofits Required Pursuant to Florida Building Code Existing Building Section 706.8

FI-9 Residential Clothes Washing Machine Drains

FI-10 Recessed Ceiling Air Handlers

FI-11 Window Replacement

FI-12 Mechanical Equipment Wind Load Voluntary Design Pressure Chart

FI-13 Ceiling Grid Support for Light Fixtures

FI-14 Interpretation of 6th Edition (2017) Florida Building Code Mechanical

FI-15 Permit Requirements for Florida Building Code, Plumbing Appendix F

FI-16 Smoke Control System Testing in Existing Buildings Undergoing Level 2 Alterations

FI-17 Acceptable Testing Methods for Smoke Control Systems

FI-18 Duct Sizing Calculations

FI-19 Acceptable Documents for the Attachment of Mechanical Equipment During Replacement

FI-20 Two-Way Radio Communication Enhanced Public Safety Signal Booster Systems

FI-21 Alteration of Existing Smoke Evaluation or Smoke Control Systems

FI-22 Direct Venting of Solid Fuel Pizza Ovens

FI-23 Replacement of Air Conditioning Systems in Flood Hazard Areas

FI-24 Storm Drainage Sizing Conversion Charts

FI-25 Required Signatures on Broward County Uniform Building Permit Application

FI-26 Swimming Pool Safety Inspections

II. Fire

FI-1 Residual Pressure at the Required Water Flow

FLORIDA BUILDING CODE - 5th EDITION (2014) Effective date: June 30, 2015

Formal Interpretations 5th Edition Counter Copy OCTOBER 2017.pdf ​ 

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