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Educational Seminars
Certification and Non-Certification Courses 
The Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals offers Certification and Non-Certification courses. Each course must have a minimum of 25 students in order for the class to be held. Participants from all cities will have equal opportunity to apply for the courses, but the slots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
Please email your completed application and required documentation (your resume and a scanned copy of your proof of education) to​​.
Certification Courses

Additional Board Courses 

Broward BORA and the Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety have come together to offer continuing education courses. If you are interested in these particular courses, please register on the Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety website.

Broward County Complimentary Book Loan Program - Applications

City/County Employees - Complimentary Book Loan Program Application (2019-2020)

Committee Members - Complimentary Book Loan Program Application (2019-2020)