​​​Water Heater Replacement Data Form

Policy 22-02 Water Heater Replacement Data F​orm

Broward County Fenestration Voluntary Wind Load Chart*

FI-24 Broward County Fenestration Wind Load Cha​rt


Broward County Uniform Retrofit Window and Door Schedule

Policy 20-01 Broward County Retrofit Window and Door Schedule

​Broward County Uniform Data Form for Residential and Light Commercial Air Conditioning Replacements
Board Policy 19-02

Florida Building Code Special Building Inspector Forms
NOTE: The Special Inspector Form must be used whenever an Architect or Engineer is providing special inspection services for construction projects in lieu of, or in addition to, those provided by the Building Departments.​ This form must be completed and sent to your city's building department.

Broward County Uniform Building Permit Application Form
NOTE: The uniform building permit application is required in all jurisdictions within Broward County as of April 1, 2016.​

Florida Building Code Uniform Roofing Applications
NOTE: The Uniform Roofing Application Form is used throughout Broward County, and supplements the application forms from the individual jurisdictions.​

Mandatory Countywide Rooftop Mounted Equipment Affidavit (Board Policy 22-03)

7th Edition (2020) Uniform Roofing Permit Application

Florida Department of Environmental Protection: Asbestos
Asbestos Renovation or Demoliti​on

Modification Forms
The two following files for proposed changes to the Florida Building Code include the User Instructions and the Proposed Modification Form for submitting the code change itself. The User Instructions file includes information on how to browse through revisions proposed by others, how to comment on those proposals, and how to submit one’s own proposed revisions to the Florida Department of Community Affairs and the Florida Building Commission.

TECHNICAL AMENDMENTS TO STATE-WIDE FLORIDA BUILDING CODE6th Edition (2017) FBC Special Building Inspector Form.pdf(PDF) or  (RTF)
User Instructions
Amendments to Broward County Administrative Provisions, Chapter I Florida Building Code