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  • Sponsored a resolution to provide 4 ½ weeks of paid parental leave to parents, legal guardians, foster parents, or registered domestic partners who work for Broward County.
  • Directed the County Attorney’s office to investigate how to increase safety and prevent shootings at the airport. 
  • Sponsored an item to eliminate County-levied property taxes for low-income seniors who benefit from the homestead exemption.
  • Created a $1 million dollar gap scholarship pilot program for eligible Broward College students.
  • Stopped Waste Management from installing a deep well in which they were going to put the untreated liquid toxic waste. ​
  • Prevented Waste Management from putting unlimited amounts of waste in the landfill. 
  • Hosted economic development seminars in Pompano Beach. 
  • Introduced a motion, which was unanimously passed, to direct the County Attorney’s Office to draft an amendment to Broward County’s Living Wage Ordinance to allow covered employees who opt out of offered health care benefits to receive the high hourly amount for health benefits.
  • Sponsored a motion to require solid waste management facilities to provide notification to elected officials and residents within a 4-mile radius of regulatory changes to the facility.
  • Supported the development of a scholarship fund to provide the last scholarship dollar to Broward County students attending Broward College.
  • Co-sponsored a new ordinance regulating how vehicles are towed in Broward County, including how and when to reimburse excessive and unwarranted fees.
  • Introduced a motion to amend a County ordinance allowing Transportation Network Companies to use smart devices as an alternative to traditional taximeters.
  • Sponsored an amendment to the Broward County Business Opportunity Act and relevant portions of the Broward County Administrative Code to require, when applicable, a 25 percent County Business Enterprise goal.
  • Co-sponsored an ordinance to “ban the box” for individuals applying for a job in Broward County government.
  • Sponsored an ordinance to amend Broward County’s Motor Carrier Ordinance to loosen regulations on Transportation Network Companies, such as Uber and Lyft, to allow them to grow in Broward County.
  • Championed the will of his constituents by introducing a resolution expressing opposition to the Florida Department of Transportation’s plan to expand a 3.5-mile segment of the Florida Turnpike.
  • Sponsored the drafting of an ordinance and resolution to increase notice requirements for applications for re-zonings, variances, and environmental licenses and permits for dump, sanitary landfill, incinerator, or resource recovery facilities.
  • Sponsored a motion to direct the County Attorney’s Office to enforce terms of the Living Wage Ordinance against airline service providers that are not complying with the terms of the ordinance.
  • Passed an ordinance for stricter regulations of elevators to ensure public safety.
  • Proposed a resolution to waive the annual application requirement for a property tax exemption for disabled first responders and their surviving spouses.
  • Sponsored an ordinance banning the use of gay conversion therapy in Broward County.
  • Instrumental in negotiating a settlement between Broward County and the Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency in a way that was beneficial for both parties and sets the stage for future development of affordable housing.
  • Spurred the Commission to move workers out of the old County Courthouse after complaints that mold was making people ill.
  • Created a fraud protection program to give consumers a way to voice concerns about potential scams and to connect victims with resources.
  • Brokered an agreement to limit Monarch Hill disposal operations in Coconut Creek.
  • Allocated funds to bring economic development programs to District 2​.