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Commissioner Mark Bogen delivers for his constituents. In a world where elected officials promise a lot but don’t necessarily deliver, Commissioner Bogen walks the talk. He fought hard to expand the Broward Living Wage Ordinance to more than 2,000 Fort Lauderdale airport workers and continues to fight to ensure the Living Wage keeps up with the cost of living in South Florida. Commissioner Bogen is a fearless champion of working families and we look forward to continue working with him to pass policies that make Broward County a prosperous place for all. 

-Helene O’Brien, President, SEIU Local 21

I first contacted Commissioner Bogen after I found myself in terrible situation—a local franchise of a major car company had deceived me, which resulted in me owing thousands of dollars. I was only made aware of this after being contacted by a collection agency. Commissioner Bogen and his staff worked tirelessly until 100% of my debt was forgiven. I am so grateful that I had the Commissioner to fight for me. 

-Sarah N., Constituent, District 2