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2012 Year End Report and Community Update
As I enter my third year as your Broward County Commissioner, there’s been a great deal of progress made as we move forward to improve the economy, get people back to work, increase opportunities for home ownership, and help those who are still going through difficult times during this economic recovery. I made these commitments to you and want to bring you up to date on the progress that’s taking place.

Fiscal Year 2013 Budget
Broward County Commissioners passed the 2013 budget without raising County property taxes for the vast majority of home and business owners. Most importantly, there have been no reductions in the County services that we all depend on like transportation, parks, public libraries and garbage disposal. In fact, this year, I was instrumental in placing garbage disposal services out for a public bid instead of continuing a current contract for another 20 years. It created competition that resulted in the saving of millions of dollars. It’s reductions like these that keep the budget in check. County taxes consist of less than one-quarter of your overall tax bill, which also includes local municipal city taxes, school district taxes and special taxing districts. The budget process for Fiscal Year 2014 is already underway. Visit for more information on upcoming workshops and public hearings.