From sawgrass to seagrass, an in​​clusive and resilient community with a thriving quality of life.​​ ​​​


Provide excellent services and leadership to the benefit of all who live, learn, work and play in Broward County. ​


Collaborates 40x40_Collaborates.png

  • ​Building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives

Customer Focus 40x40_Customer_Focus.png

  • ​Building strong customer relationships and delivering customer-centric solutions​

Instills Trust 40x40_Instills_Trust.png

  • ​Gaining the confidence ​and trust of others through honesty, integrity and authenticity​

Values Differences​ 40x40_Values_Differences.png

  • Recognizing the value that different perspectives and cultures bring to an organization ​


Accountable Government 40x40_Accountable_Govt.png

  • ​​Committed to providing an open government that is transparent and accessible to the public. 
  • Consistently delivering responsive, efficient, inclusive, and equitable quality services to the public and internal customers while providing a safe community to live, work and visit. 

Connected Community 40x40_Connected_Community.png

  • Prominently marketing Broward County as a brand, while increasing public understanding of programs and services.
  • Cooperatively delivering an efficient and accessible regional intermodal transportation network. 

Economic Opportunity 40x40_Economic_Opportunity.png

  • Ensuring economic opportunities and a sustainable economy, with an emphasis on Broward's lower and middle class. 
  • Ensuring residents have an affordable place to live by offering sustainable, compatible, innovative, accessible, affordable housing options for all income levels, including integrated, permanent supportive housing and zoning that helps residents build equity. 

Healthy Community 40x40_Healthy_Community.png

  • Delivering accessible human services that holistically address the whole person collaboratively and compassionately.
  • Cultivating community culture, arts, recreation and life-long learning. ​

Resilient Community 40x40_Resilient_Community.png

  • Ensuring accessible, seamlessly integrated investments in renewable energy, sustainable practices, manufacturing, resilient infrastructure, and environmental protection.