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Child Care Licensing


The mission of the Child Care Licensing and Enforcement section (CCLE) is to regulate, enforce and improve the quality of child care in Broward County. CCLE is responsible for the implementation of the state-mandated licensing of all child care facilities and family child care homes in Broward County. CCLE monitors child care providers for compliance with health and safety standards. It also registers religious and non-public schools offering child care services. CCLE is the only COA approved agency in the Country.

Find a Child Care Provider 

  • Child Care Provider inspection reports from 2014 to July of 2017.
  • Child Care Provider inspection reports​ from August 2017 to present. 

New  Complaint  System

Filing a complaint against a child care program is now online.  You can either call 311 directly or file online where you are able to track updates and receive results by e-mail.

Important  Information: 

Broward County Training Requirement for Infant Safe Sleep Environment - Effective April 1, 2018

All child care personnel who provide care to infants at licensed and registered child care arrangements shall, prior to caring for infants, and subsequently every two years thereafter, successfully complete the Academy of American Pediatrics Reducing the Risk of SIDS and SUID in Early Education and Child Care which is a free course.

Background Screening: 

Effective July 1, 2016, the Department of Children and Families took on the role and responsibility of screening all applicants for positions in child care. Therefore, the Child Care Licensing and Enforcement section no longer conducts background screening for applicants. All screenings must be conducted through the DCF Clearinghouse. CCLE will provide technical assistance to providers with screening issues. More information can be found at the DCF website:

If you are a new or potential provider attempting to register through the clearinghouse, you must first contact Child Care Licensing and Enforcement and speak with a Child Care Quality Specialist to initiate the designation of an OCA/ORI Number. Once a number has been assigned, you may register with the Clearinghouse by using the “Clearinghouse Provider Login” link on the DCF Page​​​​ 

The Florida Department of Children and Families website can be accessed at

Types of Child Care Programs

Finding the right child care program for your child is a critical decision to make. Knowing what the requirements are and the inspection process for a child care provider is also an important factor to understand when making such an important decision that can impact your child’s life.

In Broward County there are seven types of child care programs, as defined by Florida statutes, and the Broward County Child Care Ordinance which are licensed or registered by the Child Care Licensing and Enforcement Section of Broward County Government (CCLE).