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Child Care Licensing

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Pod Learning Environments

Parents are looking for safe alternatives for their children when family members are unable to stay home to provide the supervision necessary for virtual learning.  To fill this need, there are numerous alternative programs that are marketing themselves as virtual learning centers.  Some of these programs are being referred to as Learning Pods or simply Pods.  Programs that provide care and supervision to elementary school aged children must be licensed as child care unless they are registered as a private school with the Florida Department of Education or qualify for an exemption with our office.  If you are looking at a Learning Pod for your child, we recommend that you ask if they are registered as a private school, hold a child care license, or have an exemption letter from Child Care Licensing and Enforcement.  If they do not have any of these, they may be operating illegally. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 954-357-4800 or if you have questions about a specific provider, need clarification about the rules, want to learn the latest information on Pods, or require any other assistance.

Home Schooling is another avenue that parents are considering while their children cannot go to their regular school. If you are looking into Home Schooling also known as Home School Education in Broward County you must register with the Broward School District as a home education environment.  The family educator must agree to be solely responsible for the education of their children.  The home education system allows families to hire a teacher or a set of teachers to provide all or some of the instruction.   If teachers are being used for instruction who are not family members of the child/children they are required to be background screened and cleared to work with children. For more information contact Angela Lublin at

Child Care Provider Status Map

This map is intended to assist you in locating a licensed/registered child care program that is open for business during the COVID-19 crisis.  Green circles indicate the provider is open for business, red circles indicate the provider is temporarily closed and purple circles indicate we do not have a current  status report from the provider.  When you click on the circle, a window appears with the name, address and phone number of the provider.  The window also indicates whether the provider is approved for infant care.  Please be advised that during this time, status changes occur daily.  We will be updating this list weekly so please call the providers to ensure that their status has not changed.  

Broward County Emergency Order 20-01 Questions and Answers

Where is the actual language of Broward County's Emergency Order?

What We Do

Our mission is to regulate, enforce and improve the quality of child care in Broward County.  We are responsible for the state-mandated licensing and monitoring of all child care facilities and family child care homes in Broward County, including the inspection of School Readiness facilities and investigation of all child care licensing complaints. Providers are monitored for compliance with health and safety standards. We also register religious and non-public schools offering child care service. 

Find a Child Care Provider

  • Child Care Provider inspection reports from 2014 to July of 2017.
  • Child Care Provider inspection reports​ from August 2017 to present.

File a Child Care Licensing Complaint

Child Care Licensing complaints can be filed online (select "Request for Service") where you are able to track updates and receive results by e-mail, or by calling the Broward County Call Center at 311 or 954-831-4000. We will also accept written complaints.

Safe Sleep Training

Broward County Training Requirement for Infant Safe Sleep Environment - Effective April 1, 2018

All child care personnel who provide care to infants at licensed and registered child care arrangements shall, prior to caring for infants, and subsequently every two years thereafter, successfully complete the Academy of American Pediatrics Reducing the Risk of SIDS and SUID in Early Education and Child Care which is a free course.

Background Screening

Effective July 1, 2016, the Department of Children and Families took on the role and responsibility of screening all applicants for positions in child care. Therefore, the Child Care Licensing and Enforcement section no longer conducts background screening for applicants. All screenings must be conducted through the DCF Clearinghouse. CCLE will provide technical assistance to providers with screening issues. More information can be found at the DCF website:

If you are a new or potential provider attempting to register through the clearinghouse, you must first contact Child Care Licensing and Enforcement and speak with a Child Care Quality Specialist to initiate the designation of an OCA/ORI Number. Once a number has been assigned, you may register with the Clearinghouse by using the “Clearinghouse Provider Login” link on the DCF Page​​​​ 

The Florida Department of Children and Families website can be accessed at

Types of Child Care Programs

Finding the right child care program for your child is a critical decision to make. Knowing what the requirements are and the inspection process for a child care provider is also an important factor to understand when making such an important decision that can impact your child’s life.

In Broward County there are seven types of child care programs, as defined by Florida statutes, and the Broward County Child Care Ordinance which are licensed or registered by the Child Care Licensing and Enforcement Section of Broward County Government (CCLE).


Contact Us

For questions, please contact the Child Care Licensing and Enforcement main line at 954-357-4800 or For a list of phone numbers and emails by staff, see the Child Care Licensing and Enforcement Organizational Chart.

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