​The Child Care Licensing and Enforcement Section is responsible for the licensing and routine monitoring of all child care programs meeting the statutory definition of “child care.” This is accomplished through comprehensive inspections of child care providers to ensure the consistent compliance with the child care standards established by Florida Statutes as defined in Chapters 65C-22, 65C-20 of the Florida Administrative Code and Chapter 7 of the Broward County Code of Ordinances.

There are 7 types of inspections conducted by the Child Care Licensing and Enforcement



How to Read an Inspection Report

The components that make up an inspection report include the provider’s demographic information, specific inspection information, and the findings regarding the standards that apply to the specific provider and the nature of their program. Each standard is given a status of compliance, noncompliance, not monitored or not applicable.

If a non-compliance has occurred the description and violation level will appear under the standard. Additional comments from the licensing specialist may also appear. A due date will appear if it is determined that the provider needs time to correct non-compliance items. “Completed at time of inspection” will be displayed when an item is corrected prior to the end of the inspection.

Class I Violations are required to be corrected immediately.