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Required Training

​Family Child Care Home Training Information can be obtained by calling the Family Child Care Home Training Information Center at 1-888-FL-CCTIC or 1-888-35-22842. Training & Information can also be obtained on the Web @

Operator must complete

  • ​30-clock-hour Family chi ld Care Home training, prior to licensure
  • 5-clock-hour (or .5 Continue Education Units) Early Literacy and Language Development, prior ton licensure
  • First Aid Training, prior to licensure
  • Infant and Child Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), prior to licensure
  • Annual 10 hour in-service training after the FIRST year of licensing.

Substitute must complete

  • ​3-clock-hour Fundamentals in Child Care training
  • First Aid Training, prior to licensure
  • Infant and Child Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), prior to licensure

First Aid/Infant CPR training is required for the provider and the substitute.
American Red Cross Emergency Water Safety Certification is required for anyone who uses a swimming pool for the children.


The operator and substitute must also have a physical examination every two years.

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Providers who are preparing food shall read the food hygiene pamphlet entitled "Disease Free Food".

Record Keeping

Operator's File

  • ​Training certificates
  • Family health records
  • Records of immunization for pets
  • Background screening information
  • Child abuse and neglect training statement
  • Disease Free Food statement

Children's Files

  • ​Enrollment cards with password
  • Children's immunization (DCF #680)
  • Physical examination (DCF #3040)
  • Alternate nutrition plan
  • Disciplinary practices
  • Hours of operation
  • Records of accidents
  • Family child care home brochure statement
  • Records of medications
  • Written instructions for emergency procedures

Physical Facility

  • ​Authorization to use the property as a family child care home must be obtained from the property owner prior to licensure.
  • The home must be clean and safe. Areas accessible to children must be free of toxic substances and rodents.
  • Electrical outlets must have safety plugs.
  • There shall be adequate, adjacent outdoor space on the premises. Playground equipment shall be safely installed. Concrete, asphalt, gravel and other non-yielding substances are prohibited beneath any piece of permanently installed playground equipment.
  • Firearms must be stored, locked and unloaded.
  • Homes must have a fire extinguisher, (2A-10-BC), which is serviced annually by a licensed fire extinguisher company, and at least one (1) wired-in smoke detector with battery back-up.
  • Homes must maintain a temperature between 65 F and 85 F.
  • Homes must have an adequate amount of indoor space for the number of children attending.
  • Pools, canals and water hazards must be fenced.
  • A First Aid Kit must be maintained with soap, bandages, cotton balls, gauze pads, adhesive tape, thermometer, tweezers and scissors. A First Aid Manual shall be accessible.
  • Step-up platforms for easy access to sinks and toilets must be available if necessary.
  • Diaper pail with secure lid and a potty seat, must be available if necessary.
  • Appropriate indoor, outdoor toys and equipment are required.
  • During nap time, infants through the age of twelve (12) months must be in cribs or playpens with sides.
  • Each child shall have a separate bed, cot, crib, playpen or floor mat. Floor mats shall be at least one (1) inch thick.


  • ​If transportation is provided, drivers and vehicles must meet all state and county requirements.
  • An annual vehicle maintenance check is required.
  • All transportation of children must comply with the seat belt and child restraint regulations/requirements.
  • The FCCH shall not transport children in excess of minimum seating capacity.
  • The vehicle equipment must be in proper working condition.

Start Up Cost Worksheet

(per person) (#of persons)=(total)
Background screening fee x = __ _
Delinquency check x = __ _
5 year re-screening x = __ _
First Aid/CPR course x = __ _
Physical Examination x = __ _
Fire extinguisher = __ _
Wired-in smoke detector(s) = __ _
First aid kit = __ _
Toys and play equipment
Occupational license (if necessary)
License Application Fee
= ---
== _- -_-_