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The Environmental and Consumer Protection Division (ECPD) protects the environment by regulating businesses with hazardous materials and storage tanks. Additionally, to provide safe and secure management of Broward County aquifers, ECPD regulates businesses that store, handle or use high-risk hazardous materials within wellfield protection areas of Broward County's community water systems.

Hazardous Materials

The Environmental and Consumer Protection Division (ECPD) regulates the use, storage, handling and disposal of Hazardous Materials. If a business uses, stores or handles 25 gallons or more of hazardous materials, the business requires a Hazardous Materials License.

Storage Tanks

ePermits release, Storage Tank customers can now submit applications for new storage tank facilities or modifications to currently licensed facilities. Access ePermits at any time to submit applications, upload documents and pay fees.


As the population of Broward County continues to grow, so does the use of hazardous chemicals and the potential for contamination of our drinking water supplies. Toxic chemicals from chemical spills can persist for a long time underground and they can travel great distances in the subsurface environment to our public potable water wells.​

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