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Please be advised that each chauffeur registration (hack license) applicant must meet the requirements set forth in Section 22½-8(e) of the Broward County Code of Ordinances.  If an applicant does not meet these requirements, they will be denied and/or automatically excluded from obtaining a chauffeur’s registration from the Consumer Protection Division.  Also, the Consumer Protection Division has discretion under additional provisions of Chapter 22½-8 to consider other factors, such as an applicant’s traffic history and criminal history, when making a determination to approve or deny an applicant’s chauffeur registration.

Note: Pursuant to Section 22½-8(k), each applicant who has been denied a chauffeur registration by the Consumer Protection Division, has the right to a hearing before a hearing panel if the applicant files a timely, written request to the Director of the Division within thirty (30) days after the date of the denial.  However, pursuant to Section 22½-8(n), a hearing panel does not have the authority to grant a chauffeur’s registration to any applicant that does not meet the requirements of Section 22 ½-8(e).​

Applicants must have a valid Florida driver’s license, the ability to speak , read, and write in English, and the mental, emotional and physical ability to safely carry out the duties inherent in operating a for-hire vehicle.​

Online Chauffeur's Registration

Out of State Disclosure and Authorization Form

Applicants that have lived outside the State of Florida in the past five (5) years must complete and submit the Out of State Disclosure and Authorization Form to the Division, along with the required fees.  Application packets and fees will be accepted in-person or by mail sent to Broward County Consumer Protection Division, 1 North University Drive, Mailbox 302, Plantation, FL 33324. Application fees, submitted by mail, must be in the form of a check. Application fees submitted in-person may be paid by check or credit card. For more information on Chauffeur regulations and licensing visit the Consumer Protection Chauffeur Webpage.


Chauffeur's Code of Conduct

Fees for Out-of-State Records