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GIS Mapping for Drug Overdose

GIS Drug Overdose MapIn 2016, the Office of Medical Examiner and Trauma Services began seeing a high number of accidental drug overdose deaths. At the same time, local and federal authorities were observing similar patterns, and partnered with the Medical Examiner’s Office to gather information on those deaths.

After speaking with law enforcement and first responders on how to combat this alarming trend, the Medical Examiner’s Office began collecting information on its drug overdose cases and worked with the County Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Department to incorporate this data on a map. This invaluable information has been shared with each municipality in Broward County to show the areas where these deaths and multiple overdose deaths are occurring. All 2016 accidental deaths data is being updated to assist in focusing resources and expanding treatment outreach.

The accompanying map shows the incident locations of the drug overdose deaths that occurred in Broward County in 2016. Data source: Broward County Office of Medical Examiner and Trauma Services. More…GIS Drug Overdose Map Legend