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Marine Environmental Education Center

MEEC StudentsA new premier Marine Environmental Education Center is now open at the historic Carpenter House at Hollywood North Beach. The center represents a collaboration between Broward County Parks and Recreation Division, which manages the park, and Nova Southeastern University which will manage the Center through its Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography.

The mission of the Marine Environmental Education Center is to provide outstanding marine education, interactive learning and research with a focus on endangered sea turtles. The center will engage residents and visitors by increasing conservation awareness and action in a way that ultimately results in greater protection of our marine and coastal environments.

MEEC Turtle Feeding
Although education will be the main focus, a large draw is expected to be the rehabilitated green sea turtle Captain, who now makes her home in a swimming pool on the property that has been renovated to include a state-of-the-art saltwater filtration system. Captain was injured by a boat in 2010 and spent years in rehab before veterinarians decided that, because of a floating issue and partial paralysis to her rear flippers, she would never be able to survive in the wild. More…