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Broward County Transit (BCT) extends its services to customers with special needs due to age or disabilities. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all BCT buses are wheelchair and scooter accessible and bus operators provide assistance upon request.

In addition to the bus stop improvements, BCT has modified its website,, to increase the accessibility and usability for people with disabilities. Specifically, images now include long descriptions and captions and bus route timetables are available in HTML or a text-based format for the visually impaired.

In addition, BCT provides Paratransit, also known as TOPS (Transportation Options) for persons with a physical, cognitive, emotional, visual or other disability which functionally prevents them from using BCT's fixed-route service. TOPS currently provides transportation to nearly 20,000 registered clients. To qualify, each applicant must go through an eligibility determination process. TOPS received the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) President's Award in 2003.

Paratransit has developed a free program to help clients use the fixed route bus service. A professional instructor provides personal and group lessons at no charge to teach riders how to use county buses. The free travel training service is available to all disabled and elderly - those who are already paratransit clients, those who applied for paratransit and were deemed ineligible, and those who are thinking of applying for paratransit but would like to try the bus first. For information or an application, please call 954-357-8400. Paratransit eligible riders can learn to travel the fixed route bus service by calling 954-357-7705. For more information about BCT's fixed route service, the hearing/speech impaired/TTY can call 954-357-8302.​​​​