Throughout November, managers and supervisors are encouraged to enroll in an easyPay Sneak Peek session to get a managerial preview of the County’s new payroll and timekeeping system. Five sessions are being offered through November 18 at various County locations, including.:

The presentations provide an opportunity for managers to learn how the system will change their roles and responsibilities in managing employee’s time at work, prior to the beginning of employee training which is tentatively scheduled to begin in early December. To enroll in a managers’ and supervisors’ Sneak Peek session, visit the Learning Center on the BC-Net and select easyPay under Class Schedule.

The new system is expected to launch at various times throughout the County, beginning in the first quarter of 2014. County employees delivering the training for the Sneak Peeks are Matthew Constantine, trainer with Enterprise Technology Services; Jessica Palencia, special projects coordinator with Enterprise Resource Planning; Nina Moore, technical trainer with Human Resources; and Phyllis A. King, Change Management Consultant. In addition, Allen Wilson and Rebecca Robertson, both of Human Resources, Rita McManus, Payroll, and Carol Munemura, ETS, have been identified as the “experts on hand” during this phase of easyPay.

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