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About Us

On June 6, 2012, the Board of County Commissioners approved a project for a new Time and Attendance System. The project is sponsored by three Broward County divisions: Human Resources, Accounting and Enterprise Technology Services.

The new system will launch in 2014, and will result in a more efficient payroll system. Because it eliminates all the paper associated with tracking and reporting of time and attendance, it’s also environmentally-friendly!

easyPay will modernize Broward County’s payroll and timekeeping systems, ensuring a more accurate, consistent and timely delivery of employee pay. Objectives are to:

  • provide ability to manage leave and attendance
  • provide a pay rules engine where the County can easily define business rules
  • provide ability to process approvals, timecard entry and edits, pay premiums and differentials
  • provide ability for interactive management reporting and labor scheduling
  • provide ability to interface to the County's payroll and Human Resources systems
  • install and configure hardware in the County's current environment to support the new Enterprise Time and Attendance system
  • ensure ability to seamlessly interface to future County Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
System Description

The new Kronos system is built by one of the most respected vendors in the industry and includes five modules, or features: Timekeeper, Leave, Attendance, Activities and Device Manager. Here’s a primer on how the new system will work.

  • Prepopulated work schedules for all employees except seasonal, student and PT19 will be housed in easyPay’s Timekeeper. Salaried employees will report time on an exception basis only (e.g. leave). Hourly employees will clock in and clock out daily, typically at one of a number of conveniently located time clocks. The time clocks use a combination of employee number and Touch ID technology to verify identity. Time exceptions are edited by the supervisor. The Timekeeper also allows employees to request annual and sick leave online, and supervisors to approve it. Benefits: accurate and consistent reporting of time, more automation and no more paper time sheets or leave slips!
  • The Leave feature automates and streamlines the process for requesting Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave. Benefits: easier to request, approve and track FMLA leave, ensures consistent implementation of FMLA leave policies, and eliminates some paperwork!
  • The Device Manager transmits information between the time clock and the other components of the Kronos system. In the end, the system enables employees to perform different activities on a variety of devices, including time clocks, information kiosks and work computers. Some activities will also be available from home computers and public use computers. Benefits: more convenience! Information is available anytime, anywhere, when you need it.

Other features provide further automation and give managers and supervisors more information to make informed decisions about business operations.

  • The Activities feature gives agencies the capability to track employee time spent on grants, so managers can more accurately determine time (and therefore cost) of providing different programs and services. Broward County Transit will use this module to automate the Trip Sheet used by bus operators. All agencies will use this module to track employee hours paid for by grants.
  • The Attendance feature provides reports and automated notices to supervisors to help them consistently apply attendance policies and better manage agency operations. It automates tracking of scheduled and unscheduled leave, including sick leave monitoring, and monitors timely reporting for work.