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Going Live With easyPay

Q. Once we go live with easyPay, will leave requests that have already been approved have to be input into the system and approved again?
A. Yes.

Q. Should I discontinue submitting paper leave requests once we are in easyPay? 
A. No, the first three pay periods will be a dual pay run. In addition to using the new Time and Attendance system (Kronos), continue to submit leave requests as you do now. You will be notified when to discontinue paper leave requests.

Q. Do I still need to submit a paper timecard?
A. Yes. Until notified to stop, hourly employees should continue to submit a paper timecard in addition to punching in and out at the time clock.

Q. I am an hourly employee, and know that I will need to punch in at the beginning of my shift, and punch out at the end of my shift. Will I also need to punch in and out for lunch?
A. Unless you are directed by your Supervisor/Manager to do so, you will not need to clock in and out for lunch (with the exception of PT-19s and Seasonal employees).

Q. If the employee doesn’t have enough leave accumulated, will request be denied?
A. Sufficient leave must be in the requesting employee’s bucket in order to request time off.

Q. Should all employees review and approve their timecards?
A. All employees should verify the accuracy of the timecard on the PC and approve it at the end of the pay period. The employee’s supervisor will catch any errors and make necessary corrections.

Q. If an employee forgets to clock out, can the supervisor fix this?
A. Yes, the supervisor will see a red box on the employee’s timesheet, indicating an exception to be cleared by the supervisor. 

Q. What is the 7-minute rounding rule?
A. There is a 7 minute grace period to clock in/out. Time worked is rounded to the closet ¼ hour. If more than 7 minutes early, there will be over time. If more than 7 minutes late, pay will be docked. Keep in mind that both unauthorized overtime (OT) and lateness are subject to disciplinary action. 

Q. Why do my accumulated leave (accrual) hours look different in Kronos then they do in Cyborg?
A. That’s because they are not calculated in the same exact manner, but they are equal. Kronos is based in hours and minutes while Cyborg is based in hours and decimals. View the conversion table to understand the relationship between the two.