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Team Up Broward Mentoring Program

OESBD has approved the final selection of Mentors and Protégés for the TEAMUP Broward Mentor-Protégé Pilot Program 2018 inaugural class.  The kick-off meeting on Thursday, March 1st brought together for the first time the six Mentor firms and the eight Protégé firms to announce the pairings and commence the 12-month pilot program. Beyond the core work of certifying qualified firms to compete across a broader range of opportunities, the purpose of the program is to improve their chances of success even further through guidance and training. 

The pairings include: 

Protégés will receive coaching on public contract applications and contract performance, as well other business-management topics, tailored to meet their individual needs, ranging from bid estimating to contract management and marketing.​ 

Read more about the Mentor-Protégé Pilot Program Launch​.  For more information about the Team UP Broward Mentor-Protégé Pilot Program, view the Executive Summary, Fact Sheet and MPP Program with Timelines (see links below under "Resources") or email us at