Surtax Project Contacts
Broward County Agency Contacts


Broward County Transportation Department​ ​Email ​Phone ​Details​

​Barney McCoy, Assistant General Manager, Service & Strategic Planning



​Planning Studies​

​Trevor Fisher, Assistant General Manager, Transportation




​Broward County Public Works Department Email ​Phone Details​

​Tony, Hui, Deputy Director, Public Works​


​Public Works

​Richard Tornese, Director, Highway Construction and Engineering Division



Highway Construction and

Engineering Division

​Michael Hammond, Capital Program Administrator, Highway Construction and Engineering


​Highway Construction and

Engineering Division​

Broward County Mobility Advancement Program (MAP) Email Phone​

​Gretchen Cassini, MAP Administrator, Independent Transportation Surtax Oversight Board Coordinator


​Alexander Mayorga, Program Performance Analyst


​Lina Silva, Program Project Coordinator


​Jeffrey Napier, Purchasing Manager


​Tashauna Williams, Public Information Specialist​


​Nicole Kalil, Public Information Officer


​​Broward County Attorney's Office

​Angela Wallace, Transportation Surtax General Counsel


​Devona Reynolds Perez, Assistant County Attorney, Surtax General Counsel Legal Team


​Gavin Rynard, Assistant County Attorney, Surtax General Counsel Legal Team


​Harambie (H) Brannon, Paralegal, Surtax General Counsel Legal Team


​Broward County Office of Economic and Small Business Development
​Email ​
​Phone ​

​Sandy-Michael McDonald, Director, OESBD



Tatyana McCall, Manager, Community Relations and Outreach​


​Savika Junor, Community Relations and Outreach Specialist, Surtax



​Nichole Francis, Small Business Development Specialist, Surtax​​